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  1. Hello, could you please tell me how much shipping to Germany would cost? Thanks.
  2. I got my coins from the first Coins of the Realm auction. (Sorry if the pictures aren't the best, they are just some quick handheld shots before I forget to take any pictures at all.) My first proof coin and the smallest gold coin yet, a proof quarter sovereign from 2012. I like the look of the coin, but it is so tiny... We'll see if the coin and I get to be friends... I also got an old italian 10 Lira coin from 1863 showing King Vittorio Emanuele II. It is made from .900 Gold and weighs 3.3358g according to the auction catalog, 3.2258g according to Numista (https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces18756.html) and 3.20g according to my scales. And i got a third coin that I won't show you as it isn't the coin I was supposed to get. It is a different year and I can't find the coin in the auction at all. I'll wait and see what the auction house will say. But I got some gold which I'm not unhappy with.
  3. I'm liking both the gothic crown and florin very much too. And I'd like to get a gothic florin for myself someday. Looking around from time to time to get one in a condition that I enjoy looking at that coin for a reasonable price for that condition.
  4. I got a nice little bar from @BackyardBullion, nothing I'd usually buy because of the price. But a) I can support the content provided by BYB on YT with that and b) it's really nice to look at. And it is a great looking bar once again. But that doesn't help the bar... it will go in a dark place with it's brother from last year, only to be looked at from time to time to enjoy them
  5. Hello, I'm interested in precious metals for a long time and collection/hoarding on and off for a long time, that's mostly "junk" and bullion silver, but also simply coins that appeal to me in one way or another. I've known about this forum for some time, more than a year most likely. And I'm getting constantly reminded about this forum thanks to people like BYB and Numistacker on Youtube. Today I found the way to the sign up form and finally signed up. Greetings from Germany
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