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  1. From the Atkinson link you will see you get volume discounts if multiple coins are ordered. Yes £28.80 for a single coin, but £26.62 if 50+ coins are ordered.
  2. You can go and kill some vampires now. xD
  3. I feel a fairest way to do a trade like this is to find the cheapest 1oz gold coin, lets say a gold Britannia is currently £1350. (at time of posting) https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/2021-gold-coins/2021-uk-britannia-1oz-gold-coin The cheapest silver per ounce is £26.69 (at time of posting) https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/silver/pre-owned-silver-coins/pre-owned-austrian-philharmonic-1oz-silver-coin 1350 / 26.69 = 50.58. round up to 51 oz silver coins for every 1 oz gold coin. unfortunately premiums for silver coins are high right now... premiums may com
  4. Has anyone ordered silver from the EU to ship to the UK since January? The main appeal ordering from Belgium and Germany was the cheaper VAT. If you were to place an order now is it certain that you would have to pay VAT on the value of the silver coins or is it a gamble? is it a requirement that EU sellers have to put a customs declaration on the Parcel they ship out?
  5. Have you dealt with this company before? Their listed address on the website appears to be a rental office. https://www.regus.co.uk/offices/united-kingdom/london/office-space/london-hanover-square-no-17 ... or do they do this to appear exclusive, by renting a Mayfair address?
  6. Set a reminder on your phone! Or perhaps, best to phone to confirm.
  7. Guide price is too low! Even with their 18% audition fee and 3% online fee it’s below spot. Do auction houses deliberately undervalue items to strike up interest?
  8. It's ridiculous, 2 days have past now and I'm still waiting for an account to be made. They're not even competitive with their pricing.
  9. What the fudge is up with the Royal Mint? To sign up is like trying to apply for a mortgage. You have to upload photo ID to create an account and it has to be then approved by a member of staff. All in the name to prevent money laundering? haha ... I only want to buy a tube of fractional silver for around £60
  10. Ich Komme aus Deutschland, Ja!... 4x 100 gram Geiger Bars. UV security feature on the reverse, Geiger are like Apple of the silver world. Name me a more sophisticated silver bar?
  11. Beautiful coin! Perhaps Perth Mint are trying to show that disabilities occur in the wild!
  12. From Silber werte... good prices, very well packaged and lots of colourful literature about some collector coins. picked up 2 fractionals, dragon bar tube, 1x oriental and my first 10oz coffee coaster!
  13. Ive seen there’s quite a premium on those black flag coins!
  14. @silverslug how much does grading cost? it's something I've never looked into.
  15. Thats in great condition! Picture looks good too, are you using a macro lens and dslr set up?
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