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Entry to 10,000+ member prize draws ended. (10 oz custom BYB bar 1/1 + custom 1oz BYB round 1/1) DRAWS to be drawn soon........
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  1. Congratulations again @SilverSeekerNewbie !!! post some photos with it soon!!! I would like to see it!
  2. I just got this last week. Took some time to take some shots over the weekend. loved it! I have some question that I would like to know what you guys think. IT is a different topic, that is why I created a different topic. Images below. Please head over here to let me know what you think :
  3. Hi Everyone! I took the pictures recently and would like to pick the brains of everyone. I would like to know what everyone thinks about the difference in (photography) styles of the same coin. (gold hue, original silver and bronze hue) Do you feel that I am trying to pass it off as gold and feel picture of the silver coin should only look silver? would it deter you from buying if you see such images? The pictures are not photoshopped btw. I took it with different lighting and honestly, I prefer the golden hue on the silver coin. Please credit it back to me if you wish to use the images.
  4. Congrats @Neilwillow ! l would like to see the piece when you receive it!
  5. Today I received 2018 Kookaburras! I love the action captured! but I just found out there is only one leg. I wonder what happened to the other.
  6. very nice collection !!! I am new to this. but may I ask when was did perth mint release the swan 2020 1oz silver coin this year? Which month? If I am paying $40 USD for each swan. Do you think it is overpriced? I am thinking of getting it.
  7. new here too! Glad to see this! I am going to try if I can get hold of that !
  8. Thanks @ Dragonnumis , @5huggy , @ Liam84 ! I think you guys will be really surprised if I told you all that I took the pictures with my iphone. I just clip the lens to the phone and take the shots. It was fun and the lens cost is very low!
  9. Yeah. I guess I will not clean the coins myself. So who / what can clean the coins?
  10. Hi Everyone. I got notice some of my coins started to have black dots on them even though they were never opened from the capsule. I took some close up photographs to show what it looks like. Could anyone let me know what is it? and could/should I clean it up?
  11. Hi Everyone! I came from a place just 1 degree shy from the equator! Just joined. Hopeful to share and discuss! see you all around!
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