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  1. Not at all, that is why I stressed focusing on the ratio.
  2. @Mark10110 at some price point I too would dump my silver for gold, but I am more focused on the ratio. I am not sure that the 100:1 ratio is not the new normal. We shall see.
  3. I myself have put a hold on silver purchases, totally focused on adding gold. Also I would hold the silver, not trade it into gold at this time. Seems like a no-brainer but I hear people are doing it. Good luck and keep adding to the stack!
  4. Well done! What's the weight?
  5. SilverSlug

    Small Gold Nuggets

    I'll second what @DBCooper said. Doubt it's gold. Iron pyrite most likely.
  6. Love me some Engelhard bars! If you want to go down the rabbit hole on these bars, check out the link below. http://allengelhard.com/ Click the "Definitive Pages" link.
  7. Colorized eagles used to be found locally at close to spot. Not so much anymore. A quick dip in acetone fixed the problem.
  8. That is cool. Any idea how old it is or who made it?
  9. I don't know the answer to your question, sorry. I would love to see pictures of your work though.
  10. I found it easier to build my own Excel spreadsheet. Other templates carried too much or too little info, or were laid out weirdly to me. Good luck!
  11. The chart.....It all makes sense now! I can see it! I too predict $350 gold! $350 for a 1/10 troy oz.
  12. Not sure exactly, thinking around $ 35 each plus shipping depending on the level of service. About what those coins are worth. Someone here will know better than me.
  13. Just my cell phone camera, then cropped to size. I have two that appear to be in great mint state condition, but too common to be worth sending off.
  14. My favorite design anyway. I really need to get better at coin pictures.
  15. We loved out time in Ireland a few years ago! Thank you for the welcome! Thanks everyone for the welcome!
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