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  1. It seems that for the last few weeks it's alternated between redirecting to kamalaharris.org (which redirects to joebiden.com) and itsgoingdown.org. The latest version of it that wasn't a redirect was July 24th. I also don't believe that Joe Biden was anywhere near their preferred candidate - that would have been Bernie Sanders (or possibly Elizabeth Warren, depending on who you asked). Joe Biden is very much a "lesser of two evils" for those on the left. I've also seen those kinds of videos, but then again, I've seen the same kind of videos for Donald Trump. Both of them are in thei
  2. Congrats @Fadeingstar on your excellent mint guessing skills, and @The1GramMan for out-ridiculousing the rest of us!
  3. You make a valid point, and I defer to you on this, as you actually live there and I don't. Any irregularities would be magnified in the media anyway due to the unique circumstances of holding an election in the middle of a pandemic, even if this weren't the most divisive US election in decades. All I can say is: good luck.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. However, I'm not sure how much of an issue this would really be, although maybe this is my lack of first-hand experience with the US system, so please correct me if I'm wrong. I would assume that there's an electoral register like there is in the UK, so ballots should only be getting sent to people who exist and are registered to that address. Secondly, I would also assume that ballots have some kind of identification mark on them like they do in the UK that allows the ballot paper to be cross-referenced with the elector who cast it. In the case of a sin
  5. Yep. Unfortunately for the left in the US, it's found itself in the position where the only solution to there being too many guns is more guns - mutually assured destruction.
  6. I have a feeling that my views are a little out of the mainstream for TSF, but here goes. (btw, I'm selling sterling silver pitchforks that you can chase me out of town with) Trump is going to win, by hook or by crook: He's relentlessly been attacking mail-in voting as if it's something different to absentee voting (it isn't) even though he himself used it. The mechanics of the Electoral College favour him as they did in 2016 - it's technically possible to win with only 23% of the popular vote (https://text.npr.org/s.php?sId=500112248), but Trump could very easily win a
  7. Kraken

    Free Silver Coin

    About 80p worth of silver for £2.50 isn't such a great deal, especially considering that if you're buying in decent quantities a lot of old silver coinage can be had at very close to spot.
  8. I was in town at the weekend and saw three separate pawn shops that weren't around a few months ago all offering to buy gold and silver. I was tempted to go into one and ask how much they'd sell either for.
  9. My legit guess is 309 mints. My daft guess is that there aren't any mints at all as all of them, the jar itself, this thread, and the entire forum are all part of 5huggy's Covid-induced fever dream.
  10. I wish I had ten grand spare to dump into PMs. There's definitely some nice stuff you've picked up there. I'm especially a fan of those 5 oz bars.
  11. I'd like to go on the waiting list for two bars if possible, please. I don't have any preference for the numbers.
  12. From now on, all my stacking will be based exclusively on the gold-to-bread and silver-to-eggs ratios. Anyone know of any bakeries for sale?
  13. The biggest contender I'd say is the Euro, but it's still got a lot of ground to cover before it even gets close. But yes, these are all points in favour of the dollar's continued supremacy for a good long while. I wouldn't count the United States out just yet. Russia will attempt to destabilise them, and China will try to compete economically with them, but it's not yet inevitable that they'll lose the top spot.
  14. Even debt to GDP isn't a huge red flag by itself - Japan has a debt over twice its GDP, yet is considered a stable economy. If the government were unable to collect taxes though, then that would be a major issue. I think we're broadly in agreement - every country has a big stack of dollars, so they have a lot to lose if it looks like the dollar's on its way out. The article you linked is interesting, and I think somewhat reinforces my point - the Bank of England has a lot of other countries' gold, and as is the motto on this site, if you don't hold it, you don't own it. Whi
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