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  1. .999+ Fine Platinum Ingot 53.3g, note that my scales are 0.10g optimistic. Spot price of the ingot at time of posting is £1,545. Asking price is £1,600, ~3.55% over current spot. Thanks for viewing.
  2. This, "they will allow cancellation if they cannot fulfil your order", this is ambiguous and deliberately so I would imagine. It's at Baird&Co's complete discretion whether or not they can fulfil your order, i.e. they have you by the ba££s. Joking aside and as previously mentioned they're a reputable dealer; you'll have your metal soon enough, you're just going to have to be a bit more patient than you anticipated.
  3. I placed a fairly large order of silver bars with Baird&Co maybe 6 months ago; I believe they were then quoting a delivery time of 3-4 weeks. In the end they took around 6 weeks to deliver the goods. Unfortunately for yourself, their quoted delivery time is an estimate, not a guarantee. Therefore you are relying on their reputation (which is excellent mind you) to deliver in due course. In theory a cancellation clause would be great. But in practice it will likely create huge headaches for Baird&Co. There are many factors to their operational process that are simply out of the
  4. Hi sorry for late response, they all sold a while back. thanks for the interest
  5. Hi, Is anyone wiling to sell some kilo bars (silver of course) at or below 10% over spot. All brands and conditions considered. Thank you
  6. Hi, yes I still have a bunch of 100g bars left. All the 250g’s sold a while back.
  7. Hi everyone, I have 20, Betts 100g & 4, Betts 250g silver bars for sale. 100g bars - £82 each 250g bars - £192.5 each (Edit: 2 bars remaining) +postage. *free postage over 700g* Cheers.
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