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  1. Bump, price reduction with free postage.
  2. Hi everyone, I have 20, Betts 100g & 4, Betts 250g silver bars for sale. 100g bars - £82 each 250g bars - £192.5 each (Edit: 2 bars remaining) +postage. *free postage over 700g* Cheers.
  3. Hi everyone, I have 4 all sold, Pamp Suisse 1oz platinum bars for sale, C040804 Sold C040805 Sold C040806 Sold C040807 Sold priced at: £840 + post. Thanks, Sh97if
  4. Sh97if

    completed 5kg Silver Bars

    Hello, I'm looking to purchase a few 5kg silver bars, the brand & condition of the bars is of no importance to me, although I’m looking for low cost bullion over the premium stuff. I also understand due to the value of the bars it's not possible to post these fully insured, so I'd prefer to collect, preferably within 40 miles of the M25. (However if the location is too far and its a good offer, I'd consider delivery.) Thanks, Sh97if
  5. Hi everyone, I have some 1oz silver coins from the Scottsdale mint's eastern Caribbean series of 8, limited edition brilliant uncirculated coins, all individually encapsulated. From the 2018 series: DOMINICA N°3 / 8 GRENADA N°4 / 8 MONTSERRAT N°5 / 8 ANGUILLA N°6 / 8 ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES N°7 / 8 ST. LUCIA N°8 / 8 From the 2019 series: ST. KITTS & NEVIS N°2 / 8
  6. Hi everyone, I have for sale 5, 1oz gold bars all in their original assay cards. Asking £1515 each + RMSD postage. Payment via BT or PPFF. Thanks, Sh97if
  7. Hi everyone, I’m looking for tubes of .999 Silver Britannia’s. Please message me what condition they are in & your best offer on them. Thanks, Sh97if
  8. Just purchased the 5kg silver bar; I'm very happy with the product received and the service provided. Glowing positive feedback has been left from me to sworks.
  9. Hi everyone, I have for sale 20 Athenian owl 2020, 1oz silver coins, all in excellent condition. £23 each + SD postage Thanks for viewing, Sh97if
  10. Now that’s a tempting offer. It’s not quite a Skoda, but a 20yo clapped-out BMW. Still interested?
  11. Bump. Now accepting gold in exchange for silver.
  12. Hi everyone, thanks for viewing this listing. I currently have 2 1, 100 troy oz Silver Bar (& 6, 20g gold bars SOLD) for sale, all in original packets from Baird & Co. Prices for each: £1849 - 100 troy oz Silver bar £965 - 20g gold bar SOLD + Shipping of your choice, I'd prefer to post via UPS/SD however the choice to post cheaper is up to you. The original receipt from Baird & Co can be viewed, and a receipt of purchase will be supplied to you. BT or cash on collection please. edit: now accepting gold in exchange for my silver, pm offers p
  13. Bump. First bar sold.
  14. Hello everyone, I have for sale 14 1 Umicore 1kg bar, in excellent condition. All Sold ***** Edit 15/7/20: Thanks everyone for viewing this listing, I may put more of these bars up for sale at a later date. ***** + Shipping of your choice, I'd prefer to post via UPS/SD however the choice to post cheaper is up to you. edit: now accepting gold in exchange for my silver, pm offers please. BT or cash on collection please. Regards,
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