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  1. Matt29MR


    Hi @SKI welcome to the forum, i see you've already received some great info/advice from @Pete, i'm relatively new here too but my understanding so far is that there are 2 main types of people when it comes to PM's, there's your STACKER'S that primarily want to buy their silver as cheap as possible as a way of preserving wealth, then there's your COLLECTORS that just love the designs and don't mind paying the higher premiums. I started as a stacker but that quickly changed, i now have a STACK and a COLLECTION so i guess i'm both of the above, however, id never pay silly money for a certain coin, for me it has to be only when the price is what i consider right (never forget regardless of whats on the coin/round/bar its still just silver). so ye maybe have a think of what route you want to take or maybe you want to do both, either way your in the right place for anything regarding PM's. good luck, have fun 👍
  2. Hi Steven, welcome to the forum 👍
  3. @Leonmarsh as said before check out coininvest they have both in stock, you can get 5x krakens for £41.72 per coin inc postage, the goose works out just over £45 a coin 👍
  4. @Stuntman thanks for the reply very helpful, i just wasn't sure on some so thought it was worth an ask on here just in case, now i know i'll take your advice and have a sort out. Thanks again 👍
  5. @CactusJackSWAg Dont worry ill be placing an order fairly soon 😁
  6. Nice one @CactusJackSWAg 👌, Id like to get my hands a forum bar and a few other BYB bits in the near future.
  7. Welcome to TSF, I haven't been here long myself but its an amazing place to be for anything regarding PM's, enjoy 👍
  8. Hi dicker thanks for the reply, ye i didn't think they wouldn't be worth a lot some how, i was thinking tho could they be worth something in the future? or should i just get what i can for them and use the money to add to my stack? See iv tried looking up prices but there's so many different prices for 1 coin i'm unsure of whats a realistic value, iv seen some of these coins on ebay for around £25 but then found the same coin on a dealers website for like £1.50 lol like i say i don't no enough about them at the moment to make a decision.
  9. Hi all, hope everyone’s well, I’m after some general info on some coins iv recently been given from a relative I.e Are they actually worth anything? Are they worth keeping hold of? Will they have any value in the future? Any information really, iv done a lot of research on PM’s but I’m unsure on this kind of stuff So any help would be much appreciated, there’s some uk decimal coin sets, £5 coins, the royal wedding medal and the silver wedding crown, there’s a few 5 shilling coins, £2 coins and other random bits, I’ll attach some pics So you can see what I’m talking about, As I said any info would be much appreciated thanks in advanced 👍
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