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  1. That's correct. Most of them have now been moved on at a decent profit, so thank you.
  2. Hello. Remember me? I bought about 30 slabbed Pandas from you.
  3. Actual guess, 888 Daft answer. If I'm wrong "I demand a recount"
  4. Thanks for the welcome everyone. I list coins on Ebay and my user name there is allan301247 Not much on there right now as I only list when Ebay offers £1 maximum selling fees.
  5. Hi, I'm Allan. I trade Silver coins and occasional Gold ones on Ebay as allan301247. I have over 2,300 all positive feedback on there. I deal mostly in none British Proof Coins but I do buy and sell some bullion coins. Ebay can be very expensive for sellers, so if you like one of my coins on there, why not give me a call here and let's see what we can do. To be honest, I'm at an age where I'd rather sell than buy, to try and enhance my retirement and as a newbie on I'm not sure what to expect on here. So let's see. I live in Lancashire and support my home town team, Burnley, as
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