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  1. Decided to take the risk and go for the ox, gold is gold at the end of the day. Plan is to flip it for a profit at a later date to someone who will actually appreciate the ugly thing.
  2. Hi, Through some events a dealer has given me the choice of either a 1oz 2020 britannia or a 1oz 2009 australian year of the ox for the same price. I do not collect lunar series nor do I plan on collecting any. Next year is year of the ox so assume a new lunar ox coin will be coming out, which might impact value of the 2009 ox? Pro of britannia is it is CGT free and a new date. Pro of lunar is it might have added value as it's part of a series. Con of the lunar is I know nothing about the lunar series. I am weary of getting into series/collecting so my gut is to go brit but my brain is saying the lunar is great value at the price I am paying for it. Since I cannot decide I thought I would open this up to the experience and wisdom of the forum. Which would you get and why?
  3. What does that mean in layman's please?
  4. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/19/goldman-hikes-gold-price-forecast-on-debasement-fears-and-a-weaker-dollar.html Goldman revised the already revised 2020 gold predictions. three-, six- and 12-month gold price forecasts to $1800/1900/2000/toz
  5. That was more of an analogy, I meant same way you wouldn't want to break a large bank note for small purchase, you wouldn't want to sell a 1oz if you only needed a few hundred £s or €'s
  6. I'm a newbie too, just started stacking. My strategy is to treat my gold stack like I would my cash wallet i.e have a mix of denominations / weights for maximum flexibility. You wouldn't want to carry only £50 notes in your wallet, because it would be very inconvenient to cash a £50 for some milk and bread. Another advantage of having a range of weights is you cover a wider audience to sell too when it comes time to liquidate, you'll have something for everyone. If I saw a 1/4 oz with a decent premium I would buy, I wouldn't wait till I could afford the full 1oz because in 4 months the cost of 1 oz could be higher. Also, if 4 x 1/4 oz works out close to 1 oz I would go for the 1/4 oz's, I think that's just a better investment. Curious, why are you discounting non pure coins like sovs?
  7. I'm new to the precious metals game having only started buying end of May. I've read and watched videos were people mention the high premiums on silver due to covid lockdowns etc but if that's the case why aren't gold premiums as high? The cheapest I've seen silver for is 30%-40% over spot and this includes big units like 1kg....and this is on EU sites where there is no VAT. This all leads me to wonder what was considered reasonable premium on non numi bullion or generic rounds silver before covid?
  8. Interesting case, Venezula could really do with that gold what with the collapse in oil. It really isn't our business to get involved in who is or isn't the real govt of Venezuela.
  9. I regret it took me so long to get my first bit of gold! All the money I spent on other c**p that could of gone to buying sovs 😪
  10. I just started stacking, brought my first pieces of gold and silver bullion this June. Been thinking about it for a year but covid 19 has really given me the time to sit back and focus. My plan is to stack gold and get a few silver bits here are there.
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