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  1. Do I feel a bit of an upwards move boys??
  2. Stock market looks like the biggest bubble since the last crash,Joe Soap punters going to share wars with the big boys and why is gold anchored at its current price?
  3. Goldmansacks


    Wonder would they take my Nigerian "Inheritance" money as payment? 😬
  4. It absolutely stinks of price manipulation.
  5. If you are buying bars go for bigger bars and you pay less commission percentage wise.
  6. The Roller coaster in full motion today.
  7. Signs of a bit of a recovery this morning.😃
  8. Bit of a price correction going on right now,the OP can't be too far from his keyboard...😄
  9. So virtual gold is the problem and the only real gold is the gold you have either in your possession or you've put into a vault yourself?
  10. You get the feeling that the professional naysayers are the very ones buying up the gold they are telling everyone else to avoid.
  11. He (Jesus) thought his disciples how to be fishers of men,Wonger is just an ordinary fisherman....
  12. OP waiting in the wings for any sign of a drop...🙄 but noticeably quiet...
  13. If it wasn't for artificial suppression/manipulation of the price of Gold it would be much much higher imho.
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