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  1. I'm new to this and is that opinion shared by many on here? Surely you have to do that as the risks of keeping anything more than a token amount in your house is not advisable?
  2. So keeping it at the dealers/safe deposit box counts as holding it?
  3. Just wondering,are you suggesting keeping 200K worth of PM at home??
  4. Somebody said on this forum that vaccine talk yesterday pushed people away from the "safe haven" of gold and into other investments.
  5. Surely a safety deposit box (run by a reputable company) is better than keeping your precious metal in your house in the event of burglary? (In particular aggravated burglary)
  6. Price all over the place today.
  7. https://www.bullionbypost.ie/proof-sets/proof-sovereigns/gold-proof-2009-sovereign-boxed/ Irish site has them slightly dearer.
  8. Bad enough buying what you think is a bit of a bargain at a knockdown price but to be caught for full price or thereabouts..😬😬
  9. https://www.collectorcoins.ie/en/bram-stoker-dracula-15-silver-proof-coin.html 60 Euro for a 15 Euro Sterling silver Bram Stoker coin -weight is 28.28 For what it's worth,about 200 left out of a 3000 issue in 2018.
  10. The 100 Euro one at EUR 1,945.78 has the same message.
  11. Approximately EUR 608.06 Was the price quoted on ebay for one of these This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available Would this normally indicate a sale where coins are concerned?🧐
  12. Very sideways feel about the market this week.
  13. There's 2 of the 100 Euro ones on ebay,both over 2000 Euro.
  14. There was a limit of 1 per person on the 100 Euro coin and none on the 50 Euro coin,a bit unusual?,considering the excellent box,certificate and packaging it was a good bit below spot.
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