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  1. Hit me when/if you plan on selling. Stunning coins.
  2. That 2017 reverse proof might just be the best looking coin I've ever seen!
  3. I'll check it out, thanks for the advice! Thanks mate, i'll use this going forward.
  4. Hi, I made the purchase above from coininvest which doesn't include VAT, but charges a delivery fee on top (this wasnt counted in my percentages). Alternatively i buy from bullionbypost, which does include VAT but has free delivery. Coininvest has the better total prices 9 times out of 10, so unless theyre hiding their VAT within the premium (i dont think thats correct based on comparison to other websites) then the figures i've given you are exempt of VAT and are just the premium figures.
  5. Hmm i cant seem to find the form? The link on the page just sends me back to the same page
  6. How much are those bars going for, dare i ask? They're advertising half oz silver coins for £70 so i dread to think!
  7. Coin arrived! Well chuffed and now slightly addicted to Libertads.... who has a proof for me?
  8. https://bullionsupermarket.com/silver/premium-calculator/ This shows it at current spot prices, previously I had been using the rule in my original post.
  9. Hi. So for example today I bought 6 1oz britannias each costing £24.59, while the spot price was £18.39. The premium percentage calculator put this at a 33.71% premium. Purchase was made on coininvest which tends to actually work out cheaper than most other places. Am I completely getting my figures wrong or is that correct and im just overpaying?
  10. So i've been contemplating a good chunk of my stack for some gold but i'm not to sure if nows the right time or if i should wait for the ratio to drop? If so what's an ideal ratio to make this exchange? Also what websites are you guys using to track the ratio properly? Many thanks. FiveStacks.
  11. Welcome mate! For silvers I'd recommend coininvest.com - I've just made a bulk purchase from there myself, they have Britannia's in stock. Also consider a premium membership within the forum, there's a wealth of information and you'll get early dibs on the listed sales! Best of luck. FiveStacks
  12. Got a new found love for Libertads so I'll be on the hunt for sure! Thanks again for everyones sound advice!
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