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  1. I think you don't have to worry about our order. If your order contains pre-sale items, you'll have to wait they get them all before shipping but if they have everything in stock, it can be quite fast for the delivery. I placed since 2 years about 60 orders as a bullion stacker but also with "collecting" in mind (various bullion designs). Never had any issue. Orders are always packaged appropriately and the box is not recognisable of any coin selling company. They are selling bullion (let's say rarely collectibles like Proof,...) so the coin surface/eye appeal may not be at the highest level, it was always in a very good shape, stored in small plastic bags and I never had any issue with a delivery (always the content I ordered and Belgian post were fast for delivery). I like the possibility to store by them to group coins and save on delivery. They are not answering every emails and I can trust quite easily that they are getting a lot of them per day. Insist, send your email again, I'm pretty sure they are reading them all, even if not answering them all. I bought from them because I'm living in Belgium and they generally have pretty good prices; except the last few weeks where their prices are not aligned with what you can find in Germany but most probably due to strange market actually... I hope so... 🙂 PS: I'm not affiliated with them, just submitting my mind on them; they are in Belgium, it's very easy for me. Never used any other seller in Belgium (are there any valid ones ?)
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