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  1. Just look at 10 or 20 and compare them to that one on the auction but also to each other https://duckduckgo.com/?q=1918+sovereign&t=brave&iax=images&ia=images
  2. Before even counting though the design isn't very sharp. It looks as if the photo is blurred a bit or as if the coin doesn't have that sharpness. I'm far from an expert but have spent quite a lot of time looking at my sovs and when people post threads like this I take a good look and compare to 4 or 5 dealer photos of the same year coin. Just to aid my learning I split the photo in to sections... For eg Look at the dragons hand how it lacks detail. Perhaps the lettering in another. The horses body in another. ST George in another section and so on
  3. Yes basically. The auction photo was slightly rotated and seemed to be a bit blurred (although that might be the coin too) if the photo was of Chards quality then it might be more clear
  4. Other than visually it not looking right... Somebody else count the rest of these things. I make it that there are too many on the 'suspect coin' compared to what I assume is a genuine example on a world famous in Blackpool bullion dealers photo (bracing myself for the legal ramifications) @LawrenceChard Also checked a couple of other photos of sovs from the same year
  5. Was just sick in my mouth a little bit 🤮
  6. Is "St George Back Sovereign" the PC term these days?
  7. If I win a pint can it be a pint of gold sovereigns?
  8. Wouldn't be the Royal Mint using Chards Images would it? If your images file name is anything to go by? 😂
  9. @Centauri167 has written his mistake 3 times even after the edits, I wouldn't worry about it. Gs. Be has normally been cheaper for silver when I've used them in the past. On smaller orders this might not be the case due to higher postage costs (than stg) or if you want a specific coin that isn't just simple bullion. Haven't tried importing to UK since the end of the Brexit transition period but there's been a number of people who said they tried and had to pay vat and additional fees 👍🏽
  10. Welcome to the forum. I've not been there before (Cyprus not YouTube) There's got to be worse hobbies than collecting money 🤔
  11. A quick snap to remind me until I next see them. 😍🗄️🔒 Edit... Colour difference due to my lighting set up (or lack of)
  12. What about a classic sovereign balance? I'd love some of the experts to chip in and correct me or add anything I've missed but left to my own devices I guess it checks 3 things, the weight, diameter and thickness of either half or full sovereigns Weight and diameter like so And thickness through this slot
  13. I've been paying close attention to the kidney to silver ratio recently and I feel like it's almost time to play the ratio and make a trade
  14. Spoke to a farmer in the UK this week.. So fertiliser prices are around £750 a ton which is up from about £250 last year... Fuel also. So with wheat barley etc that is produced in the UK these farmers have been selling last year's harvest which hadn't really been hit by these prices fully. This year's harvest (sold from summer this year through to about summer 2023) will have to bear these costs. In addition some (smaller) farmers have been deciding to try and do without the fertiliser or reduce how much they're using... This will reduce their cost but also reduce their yield so potentially they'll have less income and money to buy next year's fertilisers and seed for the 2023 harvest. What's to say fertiliser prices won't go up again? Can see a fair few farmers getting squeezed unless grain prices rise quite significantly. Remember that fuel and fertiliser aren't the only costs to produce and also that a 2 or 3x increase in those won't directly mean a 2 or 3x increase in food price necessarily
  15. I've bought from @SVcollector a couple of times and not had any issues with gold but Israel specifically I'm not sure.
  16. Nobody here is addicted don't worry you'll not meet any bad influences. Just go at your own pace and keep it sensible. For example by eating just two meals a week I can buy an extra sov every 27.5 days 😏
  17. @Britannia47 might know someone who has a photo of a 100g next to some Britannias? 👀
  18. Cast cast cast. It's just stunning. Minted bars don't do much for me. When I first got my hands on a 50 and 100g cast gold bar I was hooked
  19. At the moment just aiming to buy all the above ground gold and silver, including yours.
  20. Some more sovs from @SVcollector and some reading material from @Dakaras he even sneaked in some silver contraband... Is that a @BackyardBullion banter token? 🤔🧐
  21. I don't venture near towns very often but haven't seen much bullion at all. A couple of antique and pawn shop type places have had a few silver coins in but not seen any bargains. There's a bullion shop I've visited and his prices are competitive with the 'big' online dealers usually around £10 over spot maybe a smidge over.
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