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  1. On 07/03/2023 at 13:08, refero said:

    hi all, 

    when is usually released the bullion version of 1oz gold coin (after the proof one is out?)

    i ve noticed on the Royal Mint webiste that the proof Bull of Clarence (300 pieces) 1oz gold coin is on sale

    I asked RM and they wouldn't tell me 🙄

    Embargo something or other 

  2. 10 minutes ago, TonyTay said:

    Good morning. Only my second day on here. Loving it. Could I possibly ask you what your reasons for choosing the 3 you have? Don't thay have all the same value? 

    Newbie speaking lol 😆 

    Could be choosing specific dates for a collection or might just think they look the nicest (eg less wear or more detail) 

  3. 56 minutes ago, dicker said:

    Hi All

    I have seen many collect date runs of Sovs and Half Sovs.

    Have you a particular aim with your collection? 

    Ultimately I'm stacking though when I did a 'stock take' getting the different bullion dates back to about 1860 wasn't that far away 

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