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  1. @J90ord 2 tubes of greyhound 3 tubes of white lion 3 x 2 oz silver greyhound loose which can be sent in a empty capsule
  2. back in business price adjusted to reflect spot these will sell quick
  3. got 2 more of these 1974 and 1983 both bullion grade quick before i change my mind
  4. price dropped as sold some on ebay so can discount for you guys
  5. 10 Oz Silver Queens Beasts White horse 2021 for sale 6 available all will come in original royal mint packaging £335 plus post payment via bank transfer , paypal friends and family or crypto
  6. @Coverte pm me and i;ll send pics as requested
  7. thank you guys one sold , one potentially sold i have a couple more in storage so i can arrange to collect tommorow and pm @Relm and @doctorgolden
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