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  1. @MintageSeller PM me , seem if we can come to an agreement
  2. @SilverSerf welcome to the club , i'm sure you will find people that help you along your silver journey
  3. @MintageSellerthat would be a wallop , you wouldn't 4get in a hurry , i dropped a 10 ounce of my foot once and it hurt bad @DukeSilver PM me an offer
  4. you would loose some weight due to shavings coming off during drilling i suspect
  5. the best thing about bullionvault is you dont have to pay stupid VAT on silver
  6. Just an update guys , i've sold most of the bars, ive got 3 reserved for forum members to pay for later on this week , and only one bar remaining i just wanted to thank all you guys for your help and support in the last few days
  7. many thanks to all those that made a purchase last night and today , your items have been posted and i hope your happy with what you receive
  8. i would love to see a feature on the forum , that collated data on used sales to get an average price of what the 2nd hand market was trading for
  9. @silverdocket thank you for your message of support
  10. thank you all you guys for your help tonight in clearing up issues , ive now sold another 6 bars so i've got 11 bars left for sale
  11. @Richiesilver , are you intrested in buying any bars at all , now everything is above board lol
  12. @SilverTrader, thank you so much for taking the time to clear this up and going out of your way , your a credit to the silver community
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