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  1. @Stokemeaclipper i take it your a red dwarf fan like myself please PM me and i will get in contact with you
  2. the rocket ship is still getting fuelled we have lift off once we hit $50
  3. my good sir i bid 570 inc postage for these spiffing effigies of her majesty the queen
  4. the mother of all pumps is coming i'm telling you were gonna make silver great again
  5. Hi Silver Friends Looking to unload the following Coins Ounce Coins 2 x 2012 Britannia 1 Ounce Silver Coins come in Royal Mint plastic Capsule , both have slight scratches sold as bullion grade £25 each 1 x 2008 Panda 1 Ounce Silver Coin comes in Cracked Capsule has scratches sold as bullion grade £24 1 x 2020 Noahs Ark 1 Ounce Silver coin with Milk Spot , no capsule £24 13 x 2020 Noah Ark 1 ounce silver coin , excellent condition comes in original tube , not looking to split £338 2 x tubes of 25 coin , 2016 Britannia , good condition £650 each or £1225 for both Kilo Coins 1 x 2015 Perth Mint Kookaburra , No capsule Some Slight scratches £810 1 x 2015 Perth Mint Lunar Year OF the Goat Kilo Coin Capsule Intact but ill fitting , slight toning on edges £810 2 x 2012 Perth Minth Lunar year of the Dragon Kilo Coin good condition £810 1 x 2017 Perth Mint Koala kilo coin, good condition £810 Payment via Bank Transfer , Paypal F&F and Bitcoin/Ethereum Postage at sellers cost Not looking to discount for now
  6. ive got a couple of Argor Heraeus 1 Ounce Gold Bar bars that i would be happy to sell @ spot and i'd pay for the postage
  7. Hi i have 22 x 2016 super man in a tube all good condition no milk spots if you are intrested
  8. @Stackin i have got some 10 ounce silver perth mint coins , some 100g silver bars and some 1 ounce silver coins that i can sell for BTC or ETH , please PM me if you want a full breakdown
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