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  1. all wrapped up thanks so much to all the members of the forum its a real pleasure to deal with all of you
  2. My first sale of gold on here 2010 One Ounce GOLD Australian Kanagroo in Capsule , Mint Condition £1340 plus postage Payment via bank transfer or paypal Friends and family NO crypto on this one im afraid
  3. final bump for the last few tubes before i take them off and let the premium accumlate on them
  4. Royal Mint Empty Monster box £20 including postage payment via paypal friends and family
  5. 4 1 x 2009 Kilo Silver Koala Coin £785 each plus post 1 2021 Kilo Silver Koala £835 plus post all excellent condition no cracks in capsule or big scratches payment via paypal FF or bitcoin/ethereum many thanks for looking
  6. got 2 tubes left if anyone wants them
  7. last chance before i put up price as spot goes up
  8. lol if your used to crypto pumps , if it doesnt pump 1000% in a few days its a terrible investment
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