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  1. 1294 Daft answer ... Bloke walks into a pub, sees a couple of Crocodiles at the bar, so goes over and says “what’s with the long faces “ 😬
  2. Audio technical 4033 mic not previously mentioned and Apple Mac running the Logic program software interfaces all the outboard instruments and appliances I’ll accept a reasonable offer On any of them. all leads included.
  3. No one interested in becoming a record producer or a DJ then ? Or just having fun making music?
  4. Hello I have a proposal to sell or exchange my studio equipment and record collection. ( Sounds barmy doesn’t it )I would prefer to exchange my goods for gold or silver, coins or bars. All weights and fractions considered.. I am offering in exchange Roland V synth Keyboard in excellent working condition £ 1500.00 no original box as this is 20 years old with manuals Roland MC909 sampling Groove box in excellent working condition £ 1000.00 also with Manuals Roland 2080 sound module with A 33 full size ( 76 key ) midi keyboard £500.00 synth Stand £150.00 3 tier Genelec studio monitor powered speakers. 1 sub and 2 monitors £ 1000.00 Mackie 1604 VLZ 16 channel Mixer £ 500.00 Akai S3000 sampler £ 450.00 Behringer compressor Expander £150.00 Mark of the Unicorn 2408 mk3 £450.00 PCI / PCIE card 324/ 424 £200.00 Technics 1210 turntables x2 with pioneer DJM mixer £1600.00 with stand Zoom RFX pitchshifter £50.00 2000 Vinyl dance records Including rare old skool originals and white label promos all negotiable and various prices and good to excellent condition. Anything less I will call this out at the time so if there’s interest on the site I will begin to load up photos and bolt on some other bits and pieces. please feel free to ask questions and I will answer and update accordingly
  5. Hello Jamie would you consider exchange for vinyl Records ( Old Skool )
  6. Thanks everyone for the warm and humorous welcome. I feel privileged to know you all.
  7. Stackspot. No....it’s Smith😀
  8. All good now. I received a call to say they were awaiting a couple of items I ordered and they will ship next week . That’s all I needed to know . happy days
  9. Just a general question here. has anyone else experienced non contact from The European mint I can’t get a reply from them and the status of my order is “paid” and has been for 11 days, is this normal? I have made purchases from dealers/ Mints who have listed on their websites the timescales for delivery when considering a purchase. more recently I’ve use silver to go in Germany, Goldsilver.be and Royal Mint and a few days later the good arrived, this would be at the same time I made purchase from European mint but thought to send an email on Friday to chase but no reply as of yet. Recently in the last few weeks I’ve sent chase emails to most dealers I’ve used and the goods have arrived shortly after. Can anyone share their experiences on delivery anxiety?
  10. Sounds like it may be a good time to buy 😀
  11. Hello Everyone! glad to be here as a new Stacker and I look forward to discussing the shiny stuff all the best.
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