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  1. Any one want to sell me a 1oz gold Britannia ? Im not asking for a proof . Please PM me direct
  2. Yes please do, I don’t know how to navigate to your listing
  3. Do you have any photos of this please ?
  4. What would be a good camera for taking photos of these coins? They are stunning
  5. If anyone has a sliver dragon they would like to sell, please Pm me. in a capsule / presentation box preferred but not essential
  6. Could you put me on the waiting list please one of each year would be wonderfull. Other than that even one is fine if that’s all there is
  7. Yep.. totally get it, I tried this with one coin just to test the pricing system as a friend in the music industry had bought music studio gear from the .U.S a while ago and was stung with the add ons. (he warned me to be cautious) we are lucky in that we have the silver forum and European mint..goldsiver.be etc, the list goes on they all have their delays in getting metal to you at a times however I now know where ,what, and who I am buying from with a certain degree of confidence, here’s to the shiny stuff 🍻.
  8. Yes. Absolutely correct! ambushed would be an understatement. I dipped my toe in the water for this one however the lessons learned are that it is so much easier and less expensive to ship purchases from Europe
  9. Hello everyone I thought to share a recent experience with you all to make you aware off what to expect when making purchases from the U.S of A. So I decided to purchase a silver coin from the USMint As recent as last night, I thought I’d try a silver proof American Silver Eagle ( standard US Coin from the said Mint) it was a little more than I expected to pay however I thought in the scheme of things let’s give it run for the sake of experience say. the cost of the exercise is thus...... in dollars coin.. 64.50 shipping & handling..20.85 ( yes nearly one third the
  10. 1294 Daft answer ... Bloke walks into a pub, sees a couple of Crocodiles at the bar, so goes over and says “what’s with the long faces “ 😬
  11. Thanks everyone for the warm and humorous welcome. I feel privileged to know you all.
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