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  1. Exactly my point. They look cute, but it's a bit home network shopping channel for me. I'd happily pick one up if the price was close enough to to spot.
  2. So been stacking for a bit, not a collector. Usually collect Britannias and the aim is alway to get the cheapest unit price possible over any one year/design. But...... I keep seeing these gold gilded ones available. Which look quite pretty, but double or even triple the price for what amounts to an extra atom thin layer of gold. Do any of you rate them? Image below is for reference only. I'm not paying that!
  3. No I got into them because they're CGT free.... Of course now realising that I would need a mountain of them for that to be applicable. But I dig them now. Other than that I've moved onto bars.
  4. Britannias are my primary stack... The same way that a lot of Americans swear by the silver eagles I suppose. I've got fairly late mintage ones and think they are stunning, here's my favourite! I prefer the newer ones to the 2014 as they just look harder to counterfeit.
  5. YouTube brought me here, thank you BYB. Me and small group pool our resources each month to get a lower premium/deal. Mostly go for Britannias. But some of us also stack bars and grade B. London based!
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