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  1. They haven’t. Even normal fusion (the sort that powers stars and require temperatures of millions of Kelvin) is still not up to reliably generating more energy than is put in to start it up. As far as I’m aware “cold” fusion is physically impossible and doesn’t occur anywhere in the universe. You’ll always need massive temperatures and pressures to convince atoms to fuse together.
  2. I recently bought a copper Aztec from a guy on Ebay and he's just messaged me that he's got a 2oz and 5oz Aztec copper incoming. I've already got them from elsewhere though, so you could try with him. His username is Redflag34.
  3. I reckon there’s 279 pellets in there, and that they weigh approximately 0.015 badgers.
  4. I get the feeling that most are just replying to the concept of getting gold from scrap electronics right now with current techniques, rather than the article I linked to, so I'll quote the relevant part: So this is looking at reclaiming gold cheaply and efficiently, possibly in the near future if it scales up. That is why I was interested in what everyone thought might be the potential gold price impact of this technology. Even if only 9% of gold is used in electronics now, that figure may well increase with the increasing prevalence of digital systems in everything. If most of that i
  5. Got it over the weekend and did a ping & magnet test, seems legit. Beautiful coin with a little spot of tarnishing for £120. I’ve no idea if he’s got any more but I’ll message you the link to his profile on eBay and you can get in touch.
  6. One of my favourite news sites is Ars Technica, as I'm a massive technology fan. When I went on there earlier I saw this article about a possible new technique for recovering gold from scrap electronics: https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/06/new-polymer-easily-captures-gold-extracted-from-e-waste/ What kind of impact do you think this might have on gold prices if it becomes a common industrial technique? Is the amount of gold heading to landfill currently enough to depress prices if it's recovered or is the gold price more driven by socio-economic impacts than supply and demand?
  7. I'm jealous, mine should have arrived this morning but the Royal Mail decided to try and deliver it in the one hour I was out of the house taking my missus to work. Going to have to go and get it from the delivery office tomorrow. Since when do they deliver so early in the morning? 😀
  8. I'll let you know what I find out.
  9. Not got a link I'm afraid yet, he just mentioned it in a message when he said he didn't have the copper in stock. I've messaged him back and asked for details.
  10. That's about the price range I was thinking as I've been seeing around £20ish an ounce as a usual price, also good information about the testing and being able to return it for a refund if it's dodgy. Thank you.
  11. Hi all 🙂 I quite like the design of the Aztec round from Golden State Mint and am building up a collection of them, so yesterday I went to buy a 5oz copper from eBay. Unfortunately he’s out of stock, but he says he’s got the 5oz silver in. So as I’m new to this game I thought I’d come here and ask, what kind of price do you think would be reasonable if it’s mint in a capsule and what is the chance of something like this being a fake?
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