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  1. BobnotTed


    Third most searched term on Yahoo at the moment is:
  2. That link states "We can independently asses the metal and carat to provide you with the most accurate price." I presume they assess?
  3. Reminds me of a woman who was on the news a couple of years ago. She was in the process of purchasing a house. She received an e-mail from her solicitor to inform her of his bank details to which she should forward the payment for the house. Turned out the solicitor's e-mail address had been hacked and it wasn't his bank account details stated in the e-mail.
  4. By which means do people here on the forum pay for goods bought from others here? Is it through PayPal, or is it some other means?
  5. If a sovereign has been graded and comes in the PCGS / NGC plastic container (example linked-to below), I presume this adds a premium to the coin compared to an identical sovereign which has not been officially graded? Specifically bullion grade, not high end grade. https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/lots/view/4-S8BGT/1845-gold-sovereign-ngc-au-53-2815555-003 What sort of premium would one expect to pay?
  6. Presumably there are also risks associated with this, in that others who are relatively local are made aware that you potentially have bullion in your house.
  7. BobnotTed

    NGC Census

    Thanks ChrisSilver
  8. BobnotTed

    NGC Census

    Thanks very much for the explanation.
  9. BobnotTed

    NGC Census

    I was looking at the Coin Cabinet site and many entries have info such as below. The numbers vary for each coin. Could someone explain what this info and numbers indicate? Thanks. NGC Census in this grade: 10.NGC Census in higher grade: 37Total NGC Census: 78
  10. Kman, I don't have a financial trading background, so I'm wondering what the 94, 95, 96 is you're referring to. Would you have a link to a live chart which shows where the USD is now in relation to these figures? Thanks.
  11. It's plausible there will be some form of banking crisis allowing a temporary drawback.
  12. Yes I was intrigued when I heard that, though on further inspection the amount bought in relation to the capital at their disposal is very small. So small, it's quite possible it was made by one of his two advisers rather than him.
  13. https://www.kitco.com/news/2020-08-12/-Last-great-buying-opportunity-Gold-price-can-dip-below-1-700-this-year-before-resuming-its-path-towards-15K-Goehring-Rozencwajg-Associates.html Goehring & Rozencwajg Associates were suggesting $1,500-$1,700 levels for later this year. Anyone else think it can go back to $1,700 within the next few months?
  14. I've noticed on some sovereigns, I've added some links as examples, that in the N, SE, SW of the coin along the edge there is some combination of discolouration or rubbing - I'm not sure what it is. Though it always seems to be in these locations. What is this, and what causes it? https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/lots/view/4-QZNRV/1868-gold-sovereign-pcgs-au55-39895623 https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/lots/view/4-QZNV1/1879-s-gold-sovereign-st-george-pcgs-au53-39510164 https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/lots/view/4-QZNW3/1884-gold-sovereign-ww-buried-pcgs-au55-39511820
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