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  1. Thanks again for your time Bro, I really appreciate it and it is helpfull to !
  2. thank you for your great tips. the Tax in Israel are crazy high 17-18%. and the only place that sell precious metals is government websit, the price there are shocking. I keep looking for Israeli stackers community but so far no luck thanks againg for you answer, Meir
  3. thanks for your comment
  4. Hello to all the TSF members, my name is Meir and i am new here. I am 26 years old from Israel. i want to make a big purchase on precious metals and i need your advice... first of all, what is the right precious metal that you recommend to purchase (Silver or Gold)? then what is better way to buy it (500 coins or 5 Bars{100oz })? I want to invest somting like 7-8K USD. thanks for reading that, Meir P.S: if some 1 know on agood way to bring some precious metals to Israel in away that the customs didnt notice its can really helpfull to
  5. If its open to discussion I want the 2019 Germania + the Britania. 85$ for this 2 coins its to much for me so it will be great to get reprice for this 2 coins I need you to ship it to IL so i will pay the shipping fee ofc just tell me how much . thanks,Meir @ShaolinStacker
  6. @Troy77 I am really love your sharing, keep stock beautiful coins & bars my friend !!! the skull star looking GREAT ! @StackerQueen
  7. @Troy77 W0W, this 120g bars are looking ASTOUNDING !!!
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