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  1. Haha am also in the club love these coins... Am also waiting for number 4 to be released...no info so far
  2. I do think in 2 or 3 years it will get higher like 30procent or more...All time high i dont know... And yes its manipulated...jp morgan has a bigger stack than everyone listed on the forum.
  3. Welcome . Already a nice stack as far i can see ! Think at this moment even in the states those ASE go for around 25dollars? Try to look for deals...Most of my stack are maples cause i could get them cheaper so far... If you wanna go for gold , i think the 1oz are normally a bit cheaper than the premiums on 1/4th and 1/2... Cheers and good luck
  4. To me its just bullion so i would go for the cheapest per oz...if its both same price per oz i would go for the maples
  5. To be honest i wouldnt wanna pay a high premium on both of them... I bought maples a month ago for 16.75 euro a piece (lucky) . If its for stacking doesnt matter if its maples , philharmonikers,...i try to look for deals.
  6. Think 25th and 30th anniversary are always nice to have ...I would say if you can get it for a decent price than go for it
  7. First time buying 2 cards from scottsdale mint...looks like theyre already milkspotting without even opening it lol... Glad i received my kookaburra and babys in the same package ...those beauties compensate the ugly ones
  8. Lol Small detail , it was in the middle of the night in a redlight district in south america... Dont know the situation in costa rica, when i was in santa fe (bogota colombia) the taxi guy said to me dont go having drinks in clubs ( scopolamine) and its better to go with someone else than alone...Showing money/ iphones is asking for trouble Anyway feel sorry for your loss
  9. Welcome and beware...stacking silver can be addictive!
  10. Yeah am with you on this one , not my style of coin
  11. I was in cucuta(border colombia venezuela) in 2018 and last year...Met alot of venezuelans on bus trips , some nice people Also in cucuta alot of them offered services to go into venezuela but i refused cause not everybody has good intentions there
  12. Yeah thanks. Sure gold is more easy to liquidate however i think prices in 5 year will not be as low for platinum as now.(However thats my thoughts, am just a random guy on the silverforum...)
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