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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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    Dutch Gold and Silver
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    10 Gulden Gold Wilhelmina full set (1897, 1898, 1911, 1925)
    10 Gulden Silver all years
    50 Gulden Silver all years
    Silver Dukaat Seven Provinces Serie
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    Full list: https://en.numista.com/vous/vos_pieces.php?user=167348&ct=coin&section=22782

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  1. Last stack update for a while. See you all next year!
  2. Latest addition. Taking a short break, hope to continue stacking starting in January 2021. I have plenty of coins now I want some bars!
  3. Amazing! Never seen before. Where can I purchase/find more info on them?
  4. My gold Double Dukaat fails the test, 0/3. Should probably have somebody look at it.
  5. 1898 good coin came back 3/3 with default 6.73 weight setting. I'm using another 10G gold coin to ping to get a clean sound. 3/3 as well with 6.72 grams. I do notice you have to get a proper reading for a good result, so make sure your pings sound clean, no background noise and have a good microphone. My 1911 and 1925 coins score 1/3 no matter what I do. I can also hear it sounds slightly less clean. Unfortunately I don't have the equipment to further investigate, such as a spectrometer or a sensitive scale. I am inclined to contact my LSC about the inconsistencies and listen
  6. Hi, I noticed that the app has them catalogued as 6.73 gram weight, but another source I use says they're 6.72 gram. I also got 1/3 rating but after I change the weight to 6.72 gram I get 3/3. I don't have a good scale to weigh them myself but I'm inclined to believe the weight is 6.72 gram. Maybe you might get good results if you try correcting the weight manually like I did. 1897 gold coin:
  7. The 1897 version was produced 450.000 times, but prior years just a couple of 100, which are also order of magnitude more valuable. There sheer bulk of 10 Guldens are more affordable since there are many millions of the many different versions in circulation, and as with many of our pre-euro currency, sitting unused in dumpsters waiting to be collected by people who still see value in them. Just from the latest design from 1925, 12 million pieces were produced over the years. I paid about 10% premium on these coins, but the rare ones can go for 1000's of euro's a piece. There are also rare edi
  8. Yes indeed! Who said Latin was boring? Here's a better view at the gold. They are 4 10 Gulden coins, with all four versions of Wilhelmina, heir to the throne as early as 11 years old. The two with heads up are from 1897 and 1898, the other two are from 1911 and 1925 showing the backside. There is also one golden Dubbele Dukaat. The weight is close to 1/4 oz, and the 10 Guldens closer to 1/5 oz.
  9. Latest hoard This puts my total silver net weight at about 69 ounces
  10. My logic may be flawed at times but at least I'm not a compulsive buyer. I knew something wasn't right! Guess I'll look for a better deal. Thanks for the help, @daca.
  11. I guess you're right, it's not pragmatic to consider the base metals as part of the value. Besides the fact, would you recommend buying these? Do you own 72% or lower silver?
  12. Right now I'm looking at a dozen coins that go for 15 euro weighing 25 grams containing 72% silver. That's (if my math is right) 10.8 euro for 18 grams of silver, coming at 0.6 euro per gram, which is below the current silver price of 0.74 euro per gram. I'm hesitant because so far I have been collecting at least 92.5% silver coins. Does silver always get cheaper as it gets diluted, or is this a bargain I shouldn't let go? It seems strange that silver would lose value just because it is mixed with more base metals, it's almost like they're giving away silver because it's 'tainted'.
  13. Hi, I expect to receive my latest purchase in the mail today and wish to share it with the forum. Is there a dedicated thread to showcase your latest additions?
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