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    Dutch Gold and Silver

    Schöne, Drijfhout, Umicore
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    10 Gulden Gold Wilhelmina full set (1897, 1898, 1911, 1925)
    10 Gulden Silver all years
    50 Gulden Silver all years
    Silver Dukaat Seven Provinces Serie
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    Full list: https://en.numista.com/vous/vos_pieces.php?user=167348&ct=coin&section=22782

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  1. Original 25 cents 1944 next to 1 toz 10 cents 1944 replica. Currency: Gulden. Kingdom of the Netherlands. I should probably get an original 10 cents for the full effect. But still cool to see the same design on such a different scale.
  2. I have a full 10 piece set of Ducats from 1989 to 2000. 7 of them have poor quality edge engravement, and the reeds seem to have inconsistent depth from coin to coin (or even on the same coin). They are produced by KNM (Royal Dutch Mint), look great otherwise and none of my other coins from the KNM have any notable production errors (50G, 10G silver/gold, 2.5G). There is also a small fleck on the edge of my gold double ducat but it's so tiny and the edge is so thin I find it hard to see whether this is due to damage from handling or if it came like that from the mint. I noticed this today and I just wanted to share this. Not all of them have this problem but beware before buying if this is important to you, and check the edges of Dutch ducats. You may want to find a better quality coin or try to get a discount. Happy stacking and best wishes for 2021.
  3. Thanks for the link! Very informative.
  4. Visited my mother today and my eye fell on some trays. My mother thought they were silver and so I took a closer look. Turns out they were all not silver. Except I can't tell with this one. The patina is just black, no obvious discoloration, no visible color difference in eroded areas. That could just mean it has been handled more carefully. But I googled the Barker Ellis hallmark and it seems to be a real silverware name. I also noticed three welding spots at the bottom where I assume there would have been handles or legs. No apparent discoloration there either. Is anyone familiar with this name? Any clues about what kind of tray this is? I'd like to know the material and eventually the amount of silver in the tray. If any. I hope some of you can guide me through tips on how to verify these things for myself, otherwise I might take it to a professional. Thanks in advance.
  5. Last stack update for a while. See you all next year!
  6. Latest addition. Taking a short break, hope to continue stacking starting in January 2021. I have plenty of coins now I want some bars!
  7. Amazing! Never seen before. Where can I purchase/find more info on them?
  8. My gold Double Dukaat fails the test, 0/3. Should probably have somebody look at it.
  9. 1898 good coin came back 3/3 with default 6.73 weight setting. I'm using another 10G gold coin to ping to get a clean sound. 3/3 as well with 6.72 grams. I do notice you have to get a proper reading for a good result, so make sure your pings sound clean, no background noise and have a good microphone. My 1911 and 1925 coins score 1/3 no matter what I do. I can also hear it sounds slightly less clean. Unfortunately I don't have the equipment to further investigate, such as a spectrometer or a sensitive scale. I am inclined to contact my LSC about the inconsistencies and listen to his opinion. I assume there is a good reason for it, these old coins all have a unique shape and weight due to wear and different designs and maybe they did switch different base metals or made production errors leading to imperfect ratios.
  10. Hi, I noticed that the app has them catalogued as 6.73 gram weight, but another source I use says they're 6.72 gram. I also got 1/3 rating but after I change the weight to 6.72 gram I get 3/3. I don't have a good scale to weigh them myself but I'm inclined to believe the weight is 6.72 gram. Maybe you might get good results if you try correcting the weight manually like I did. 1897 gold coin:
  11. The 1897 version was produced 450.000 times, but prior years just a couple of 100, which are also order of magnitude more valuable. There sheer bulk of 10 Guldens are more affordable since there are many millions of the many different versions in circulation, and as with many of our pre-euro currency, sitting unused in dumpsters waiting to be collected by people who still see value in them. Just from the latest design from 1925, 12 million pieces were produced over the years. I paid about 10% premium on these coins, but the rare ones can go for 1000's of euro's a piece. There are also rare editions of these more circulated coins with minimal design alterations, I have these rarer versions, which doesn't reflect in prize because they are still available in a relatively large quantity. On that portrait facing to the left, Wilhelmina is 10 years old, and on the next version from 1898 11 years old, depicted with crown after the official inauguration. I'm not sure why she is facing the other way but it has to do with throne succession, I believe they face left after succession and to the right in later versions. For some reason they chose these younger portraits because she was 18 years old when she was inaugurated and these coins came out, but I think it has to do with her being the immediate successor at such a young age, despite her mother taking the role of regent during Wilhelmina's childhood.
  12. Yes indeed! Who said Latin was boring? Here's a better view at the gold. They are 4 10 Gulden coins, with all four versions of Wilhelmina, heir to the throne as early as 11 years old. The two with heads up are from 1897 and 1898, the other two are from 1911 and 1925 showing the backside. There is also one golden Dubbele Dukaat. The weight is close to 1/4 oz, and the 10 Guldens closer to 1/5 oz.
  13. Latest hoard This puts my total silver net weight at about 69 ounces
  14. My logic may be flawed at times but at least I'm not a compulsive buyer. I knew something wasn't right! Guess I'll look for a better deal. Thanks for the help, @daca.
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