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  1. Bump - Only the 2016 Brit remaining at a very good price!
  2. I have for sale: 1 x BU 1oz gold Britannia 2016 - Β£1365 plus postage of the buyers choice and risk. Sold 1 x BU 1oz gold Oriental Britannia 2020 - Β£1400 plus postage of the buyers choice and risk. Sold Oriental has a hairline scratch on the obverse side of the coin but can only be noticed in certain light. Still, a very beautiful coin. Both coins bullion standard and bought from the TSF. Rarely handled and stored in capsules, which will be supplied with the coins. Both coins have been a joy to own and looked after with care.
  3. 1: 464 2: More than that if you include the pellets in the reflection of the glass.
  4. Today I received, My first 1oz gold Britannia, purchased from @Xander. It’s a lovely 2016 and goes nicely with my 2016 1/10 gold Britannia, which I recently purchased from @Fastnick. I had no intention of buying a certain year, I just wanted to add some gold to my stack. I now have a urge to complete the set. Thanks to both sellers.
  5. Thanks for the sound advice! Added 0 minutes later... Thanks, it’s good to be here!
  6. Welcome. I’m also new but have found this site very helpful and supportive so far!
  7. Thanks for the advice. This helps as I have been in two minds as to what to purchase first. I would like to purchase Britannia’s though.
  8. Thanks, nice to meet you Added 0 minutes later... Thanks for the advice!
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