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  1. Outstanding feedback. Thank you so much!!! I couldn't find anywhere online that offered solid advice on what to buy and not buy in this situation. My IRA is a Self Directed IRA, and I will never touch or see the PMs in there, and Brinks will be where they are held, so I'll go with the bars.
  2. This is my strategy as well. I've studied the numbers and Mike Malony is spot on.
  3. Hey Everyone, I'm new here and was hoping to get some wisdom from the group. I have a $60K SEP-IRA that I've setup over at STRATA and I'm looking to invest it in silver. What Would You Buy? ASEs are my top choice, but am wondering if anyone that's been in my situation before has any recommendations. Canadian Maple Leafs just as good? Best Way To Get A Good Deal? Any recommendations on how to leverage the whole $60K to get the best deal? I.E. Call up JM Bullion and try to negotiate over the phone for bulk price? My Long Term Strategy My long term strategy here is to buy silver and hold it for 10-20 years. I'm fully expecting the Feds to print so much fiat that the currency becomes debased and thus silver is not only a wise investment that I expect to continue to go up, but at the very least should hold its value. Thanks Thanks in advance for your help!
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