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  1. £950 Posted Special Delivery Very collectable Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me Thanks for looking
  2. Hello everyone Looking for some .925 silver pre 1920 coin. Would like to get my kids into saving them intesd of fiat currency.
  3. Hi any deals on 1 GW and 1 TIger? Many thanks
  4. Hello everyone Hunting for a 1kg Australian kookaburra coin If there's anyone willing to part with one. Please get in touch Best regards Happy hunting
  5. Hello I have a 2003 Tenth Gold Britannia for sale. Asking for £175 posted Special delivery. Thanks for looking
  6. Hello. Would you take £22 per 1oz dragon bar for all 8 plus the postage Best regards
  7. 2012 Diamond Jubilee Quarter Sovereign Westminster COA £110 posted SD
  8. Hello mate. What the best price for both of them? Best regards
  9. I'll take the remaining 7 if my maths is correct
  10. If any deals fall through let me know please cheers
  11. Any marks or milk stains on them? Would you do 400 posted? Many thanks
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