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  1. When will the RM come out with a Special Commemorative sovereign coin to celebrate the end of Covid-19?
  2. Let's face it. The Royal Mint, as a privatised profit-maximising organisation, cares less about the finer points of the numismatic fraternity and much more so about its own bottom line, especially in the short run. Greed overcomes integrity.
  3. 1904 O PCGS MS65 Blue/Green label Some natural toning £90 + SD 1886 PCGS MS64 Blue label A lovely clean example £45 + SD 1904 O PCGS MS64 Blue label Faint signs of toning £45 + SD
  4. Divmad

    The coming Gold crash

    Jesus misjudged the situation also, and got crucified for it.
  5. EF state or better please. Offers?
  6. Divmad

    The coming Gold crash

    Scary O/B now. Reminiscent of 2011 spike top.
  7. Where do I find out these plain edged Sovereign issues, Stuntman, (or Gordon)? Eager to devour new information about Sovereigns and Britannias.
  8. Sorry, Chris. Yes, I meant do members think it is better to collect raw proof coins, with or without original boxes and COA, or PF graded ones, from a capital growth point of view from their respective buying start price levels?
  9. Sorry, I didn't realise that Gordon was having a bit of fun. I thought I'd missed some new variation on the sovs.
  10. Gordon, what are the plain edge Sovereigns? Newbie here.
  11. ...assuming a flat Ag price overall. i.e. looking for relative long term growth.
  12. ....assuming a flat Au price. i.e. a relative appreciation candidate in the long term.
  13. Excuse me, but what does "bump" mean, in these posts for sale?
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