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  1. My pre-1947 silver coins don't have milk spots. Something I never have to worry about, when stacking .
  2. Did anyone have any advice on how to pitch an offer to buy these hallmarked items around scrap prices, knowing that the blades are typically made out of stainless steel but the weight in gms is quoted for the entire piece?
  3. Jees. At £315 + delivery, presumably, how long before you will get a return on your investment?
  4. Imagine the fuss, then, on HM's 100th birthday.
  5. Offers, please, for any in near BU/BUNC state.
  6. I realise this year is a restrike but how can I find out the range of years over which it might have been produced and sold? Could it even be minted as recently as the last year or so, in effect making this restrike an open-ended mintage?
  7. Surely, for most Gold sovereigns, their long term investment value, as bullion coins, rises (mostly) and sometimes falls, with the price of Gold. Kudos to those collectors who can spot a desirable PM (or just RM) coin trend very early on, back it with their hard earned cash, and wait for a few years to sell out at an above-Gold (or Silver) spot price rise.
  8. Highland Tiger, are there any circumstances when you would end up paying a premium for Sterling silver objects (flatware, cutlery, ornaments etc)? I see on E Bay that silver cutlery often goes for more than its spot value, leaving me way behind in the bidding process when I thought I was being a smart "value" buyer.
  9. Out of interest, do you recall the % premium you had to pay to buy those 2 Venezuelan gold coins?
  10. Yep. Two more differences though.
  11. Forgot to mention, they are quite chunky pieces of change to carry about even in those days. 25gms of 0.72 fine Silver. Over 1/2oz.
  12. Today I received these two Netherlands 2 1/2 Gulden silver circulated coins, in VF condition. 1933 and 1938 for comparison. Notice the differences? There are three (apart from the date!).
  13. Unbelievable reply from someone with a vested commercial interest in supporting EUmint. It's "acquaint" by the way, but maybe you buy aquatinted coins. I don't know. So you're saying that anyone who buys a "milky" freshly minted silver coin direct from a dealer never considers their coin to be faulty? What consumer planet are you living on, BYB? We're not talking about vintage or nearly new coins here, but hot off the minting press. Show me the dealer's small print that informs a prospective buyer that "milking" defects are to be expected in consignments occasionally.
  14. 18% premium over spot now, + an extra £2.99 for P&P.
  15. The same goes for John Lewis in store or online purchases. But if I buy faulty goods there, I am 100% confident of a full refund. These appear to be faulty. It speaks volumes for the trade if this is a typical dealer reaction.
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