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  1. Divmad

    925 silver

    I think one reason why you can pick up bargains in this area is that quite often, but not always, the 925 commemorative coin was produced alongside an identical cupro-nickel version. So unless you know how to differentiate between them, which isn't easy on Flea Bay for example, you may get "done" a few times.
  2. Divmad

    925 silver

    Dicker, have you seen any trend to firming of premiums offered over spot on your 925 coin buys? I agree with you that this segment of the silver coin market is a value area. Why pay £4-8 premium per 1oz coin for all these Mint special issues? Only if you are a true collector, not an investor, IMHO.
  3. Did you get a good price for them? I paid over £400 for my first piece, in the mid-Summer.
  4. Are these still available at your price?
  5. As an alternative to the Lithium mania, may I suggest Bushveld Minerals, bmn.ln on AIM, as the future leading fully integrated Vanadium redox battery manufacturer.
  6. I have suggested to my brother, who is very risk averse, to consider buying gold or silver bullion at close to spot, for his large cash in the bank safety net, to preserve real purchasing power for his children. He wants to know how he can trust any dealer to believe they are keeping his stored gold coins, even when he has a piece of paper evidencing that position legally. Fraud, theft etc are his biggest concerns. So is there an A List of reliable dealers, with all the appropriate checks and guarantees in place, that I can provide him with, to investigate further, for purchase and
  7. I tried that. It doesn't work through a thick plastic covering, even on my other proof silver coins.
  8. How can I tell if this IOM 1970 Crown is is the Silver Proof version or not? It is still in its original plastic covering but no case or COA.
  9. Now this is what I have a great deal of empathy with: https://twitter.com/Northst18363337/status/1324749717599825921/photo/1
  10. I wouldn't say "noone", Madstacks. It amazes me how fickle are Flea Bay buyers of these silver items you mention above. Sometimes at spot, sometimes below, but more often than not, a bidding war takes place and premiums are realised. Trying to figure out why this pattern occurs. Could be all down to lot description and pictures, and timing the end of sale in the weekly cycle.
  11. Ok but what's my downside, if I am already buying them at spot or below?
  12. In the last three days I have picked up 4 Silver Jubilee proof UK coins at discounts to their underlying spot silver values, on Flea Bay. Unbelievable. It could be that there were so many of the Cupro Nickel format produced that folk get them mixed up, or are selling them as hand downs, not appreciating their true worth.
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