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  1. Does anyone know where to get these? My bars are going to get milky Ps - its 10 oz scottsdale stacker capsule and 500g baird capsule Thanks
  2. Its a loss leader from companies like London Mint / CPM / Westminster Mint and so on. They just want to get your details and spam you with overpriced proof coins (£899 for a quarter ounce limited edition proof coin with someone someone on it.....). Every now and again they bang out a 1g gold ingot at spot or a silver sovereign at spot - snap those up if you can. Also - I think were chatting about Nickel coins on the gold thread - Admin/Chris - you may want to move this to the right thread?
  3. Its not silver..... Metal: Cupro-Nickel Quality: Collector Quality Weight: 14.44g Diameter: 32mm Issuing Authority: Gibraltar Denomination: Half Crown Year of issue: 2020 Mintage limit: 49,999 The silver version is £60. Steep.
  4. Was this from Akariat - is it legit e.g. stands up magnet test etc?
  5. Thanks for finding Gruff. Hard to turn a profit on it though - 100pc times spot pretty much.
  6. Hi, Looking for plastic capsules 10oz scottsdale stacker and 500g baird bars. A point in the right direction or a workaround would be helpful. Don't want them going milky. Thanks in advance
  7. I've always wanted a combi bar. But can't find one that's decently priced.
  8. Yeah looks dodgy and has a gmail address for contact (so not even connected to a hosted domain). I think a wheatabix coin would be lucky, I reckon nothing through the post and credit card details flogged on the dark net.
  9. What's the exit plan with footwear and. 925. Is there demand, are you melting it down, what's the route up shift it?
  10. I bought a few quarter sovs from H+B. Good price, great packaging and paper. But you do get spammed with two high class letters a week for silly priced coins. It's a loss leader so grab their deals and then beg them to stop waterboarding your letterbox.
  11. I think you articulated better than me, what I was observing in some of the pricing and stacking approaches. Im still baffled at the junk silver market especially in USA, where like you say its on weight and mass like a scrooge mcduck approach to filling the vault. But anyway - I think we need to go find a deal each to make up for it as were probably debating on the wrong thread and dont want to discourage anyone sharing intel - so woodys apologies if it came across the wrong way.
  12. Not being argumentative but do you think the .925 is actually that percentage of spot. Seems like what I see on buys prices is that it ends up being (wrongly or rightly) a little bit undervalued. Almost like the way Gold is to silver. Little brother complex. Happy to be shouted down on this one - appreciate the views of more experienced stackers.
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