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  1. I bought from them and had my order the next day. No idea how they did this from Belgium.
  2. But don't you want a limited edition quarter oz for £999?
  3. Agree. May as well just get SLV or another ETF in an ISA and have no tax risk. Not a bad idea but not what a lot of us are in it for.
  4. Put a snap up of it next to a coin so we can marvel at the scale
  5. Ok. I feel a lot better now. Was about to start crying.
  6. You should if said it was a silver sov. 15g for 20 notes. 200pc spot pretty much. Although 20 note face price makes me think 🤔
  7. Yes, metals took one big poo. Slightly heartened by silver's drop only being a few percent off gold and not X3 as is usual. Probably offset by the need for silver in PVs and EVs which sleepy joe will be promoting.
  8. Still 28 notes a silver brittania, which isn't cheap. Gold isn't the worst price though.
  9. Not come across these before but being sold on legit sites so I wouldn't worry.
  10. Hatton garden metals has 1 oz Krugerrands for under £1500 (floating on spot +2.7pc - decent premium). https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/full-krugerrand-1oz
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