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  1. The arse will go with the dealers soon and watch those offers fly in.
  2. Coming up with an error message. Others getting the same?
  3. Must be a pain replacing the prices on those cards every single day. The brit looks like it was competitive too.
  4. Check the price at baird for new brits. Probably cheaper than this or similar and in new state.
  5. When did £29 notes become a good price for 1oz bullion. Now on almost 40pc above spot. Crazy times.
  6. Generally use baird for kilo silver. So trust their quality. But may give Atkinson a whirl
  7. Where did you buy from. Baird seems best I can spot.
  8. Do people think that the new security features will give it extra value compared to roos and eagles etc and has anyone spotted any bargains on these coins from dealers?
  9. I had to say I was contacting the ICO to get them to leave me alone.
  10. Expensive to start with. Be better off with any of the big ones over here
  11. What's the best price spotted for a 1 oz brit? Atkinsons up to now.
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