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  1. I think there is a series of 2020 / 2021 / 2022.... plenty of disaster years to choose from
  2. Realky want one but the premium is over 100pc plus. Still tempted.....
  3. Be interested in a 2019 brit if still Available
  4. It's cheaper than baird by about £50 on the kilo. Once you factor in vat and currency.
  5. Good price but I wonder if it's the borat refinery with a big lump of brass in the centre.
  6. Looking to expand my collection and I just cant seem to bring my self to buy more sovereigns. I'm not sure if the slightly lower carat or the fact they seem to carry a premium beyond expected or that there are so many fakes knocking about. Rather have a 10/Brit 10/krug etc etc Am I missing something - help me find the appeal???
  7. They pumped Rehnium throughout his bones...... and could generally transmit slightly better.
  8. Good shout on the Rhenium Joe
  9. Hi, Looking for one there via the forum. Spotted one via a dealer for £215 but would prefer shopping here now for a better price a bit of community. Not the reserve stacker but the 10 oz stacker - the one with reverse swirl pattern. Thanks in advance. P
  10. Heard similar too. Plus they keep a massive separation between BID and ASK price (like 1000's) so you need a massive move in the market to feel any benefit. Also if the seal is broken then its another 15% off. Not worth it.
  11. 90% silver (junk) - should I add to my stack and if so how? UK based so bear that in mind. Advice is gratefully received....
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