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  1. It’s been delivered to Estonia. And then your able to pay a courier yourself to pick it up from Estonia and deliver to Uk. Therefore your picking up your own asset and bringing it to UK You already bought it so only can be charged import tax but no import tax from eu
  2. Whilst I’m here talking to you guys I’d love to hear your opinions on gold vs silver as an investment
  3. I just checked again it says “vat free silver separate invoice” for the shipping. do I not get a quote for shipping until after I order? edit nvm it updated 55 euro delivery. cheers
  4. Oh yeah my bad I meant silver Britannias. ill double check their shipping costs didn’t realise it was that cheap
  5. @BackyardBullion I want to do an order. How much will it cost me in shipping? I want to order 100 oz of silver sovereigns but it says it is pre order 4-8 weeks . how would this work do you get a notification when it’s ready or do I have to wait for confirmation it’s ready the. Come to you?
  6. I’m considering getting involved in this. Just seen the photos above. What’s stopping you taking all that silver and running? Lol how much would delivery be if I ordered 100 oz a month or so?
  7. If you buy only cgt tax exempt coins you don’t have to piss about with accounting though do you?
  8. Well if you only ever buy the same coin there is literally no way to differentiate is there?
  9. So do you guys not bother to record your purchase prices for tax purposes? tax is a minefield. so if I buy 1000 coins over the space of a couple of years. The first coin I buy is 10 gbp ( random numbers for simplicity) I buy several coins for 10gbp and price explodes and I keep buying 20 gbp 30 gbp 40gbp etc. then you sell 1 coin for 50gbp.How do you differenciate ( if you are above cgt allowance) did I sell the 10gbp coins or the 40gbp the gain difference is large if you have a large supply of coins
  10. Im new to the forum. Interesting in getting involved with stacking silver. I like the idea of you guys getting silver vat free this way but am I wrong or are you simply just switching which tax you get screwed on? if you buy Uk minted silver it’s cgt free but you pay vat. if you buy Eu minted silver it’s vat free but you pay cgt or can you buy cgt free silver from the eu mint? edit- I can see they sell silver Britannias so will be cgt free but spot price of 15 eur and they chArge 22 eur?
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