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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    I stack silver for its weight. I also collect predecimal British silver coins. I don't stack gold, but do believe in having some in hallmarked jewelry form.
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    Britannia's, and poured bars.

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  1. @xmerchant, Milk spotting shouldn't effect the value of bullion grade coins, however, in my experience, it does. No one wants milky coins, @Coolsmp couldn't agree with you more. Without going down the rabbit hole of whether we should accept it because it is bullion grade, I would say that coins are there to be appreciated. How can they be with unsightly stains on them. Some coins can be covered, like they've been dipped in the s**t. As for toning, that's a different matter. As long as you keep the coin in an airtight capsule, it should not tone. Not for a very long time anyway. That's not the
  2. Fair point RII1288. As long as individuals are happy with their purchases, nothing else matters. Good luck with the 2021 brits. Let us know how you get on please.
  3. It does tone the silver. I've tried it in the past, it won't get the milk spots off. I have not come across any chemical method of removing the spots. Mechanical seems to be the only way. Not something most of us would be comfortable doing, regardless of the grade of the coin. The Lesson, don't buy the coins that have a history of milk spotting. Don't buy from the mints that aren't willing to adopt better production standards. Like others have already said, buy spot free coins and pay a little more if you have to. On the other hand, stack bars, if you are just stacking for the silver weight. T
  4. "Canadian mint shield technology", is this new?
  5. @thesongofthunder I really feel for you mate. I can't stand milk spotting. It seems however airtight you keep Bullion grade coins, they ultimately develop some spotting. I've also noticed that if the coins experience the cold, they are more likely to milk spot. I have moved away from stacking Bullion grade coins, as they all seem to suffer from this issue to some degree. I hope you can get your money back on these ones, as I wouldn't accept them in this condition. I can't help but wonder whether the European Mint has issues with their sourcing of coins. No evidence, just a thought that occurre
  6. Hello BYB. Thanks once again for sharing the pour as well as your thoughts. I do like the running commentary over music. These kilo rolo rounds are so attractive. I do love them. It was interesting to know that the concave dip can be made shallower by varying the temperature. Awesome. I prefer the shallower version. These rounds must really give your arms a good workout lol. the melt service has sparked my interest. I may just comission a piece for myself. I'll give it some thought. Anyway, enough rambling, until next time. Take care. P.S. member of the BYB rambling society
  7. A very interesting read. It's nice to see some industry coming back to the UK, however small.
  8. sorry, a little late in my comment there chaps. Case closed.
  9. I agree that dealers should supply the highest quality of product if they want to hold on to their customers. However, do you think it may be due to supply issues? The lockdown has affected businesses in many different ways, it may be a glitch in the whole silver bullion supply chain.
  10. @silenceissilver. Just finished watching the Money Masters. You are right, as far I'm aware, this must be the most complete and comprehensive account. It's a real eye opener when you come to the realisation that world changing events are ultimately a result of greed at the very top of society. Although I was aware of the history covered by the various chapters from other sources, this documentary brought it all together in one video. PMs preserve purchasing power. The ones in the know, move into PMs before the crash to preserve their wealth. Ride out the crash and immerge on th
  11. Nice list @HerefordBullyun. Some that I've seen and found useful. Some of them can be a little dry at times, but its the information that we're after. Let me know what you think. How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio Principles For Success by Ray Dalio (In 30 Minutes) Global Currency Crisis Is Coming - The “Dollar Milkshake” Theory (w/ Brent Johnson) 1929 Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression - Documentary Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis | Full VICE Special Report | HBO Another Financial Crisis Could Be Coming Global Fina
  12. @Capreolus, enjoy your time off work my friend. I would start with the most recent videos from @BackyardBullion and @StackerNoob. Knowing where to go for your silver and what to buy is important for someone starting off. The most relevant episode for our current situation would be Mike Maloney's Hidden Secrets of Money - Episode 7, that covers Money Velocity. Money velocity has fallen off a cliff recently. Not looking good for the Fiat monetary system around the world. Signs of an impending depression.
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