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  1. I dont know much about the stock market, have bought and sold some in the past - but the current price action and the way the markets have rebounded seems crazy for the current state the world is in. I was going to pick some up but not now. Will hold off for the moment. I still think we are going to get another covid wave and the markets will fall again. also looks like year reports will be grim for some time? Easyjet was a low as £4.10 and is over £9.00 this morning..
  2. Weigh in today, week 11 Start weight - 22 stone 1 lb Last week Weigh in - 20 stone 2.25 Current weight - 20 stone 0.25 Total Loss to date - 28.75 lbs So close to getting under 20 stone this week, didnt quite happen but im pleased with a 2lb weight loss..getting under 20 stone is just an arbitrary number really - but still my first major milestone. Next week if all goes well:)
  3. My last lot was scrap, this is anything but! 12.65 grams, beautifuly engraved with clouds pulling a anchor out the ocean, fully uk hallmarked and in excellent condition. Size R1/2 250 plus postage of choice/risk
  4. 11.2 grams, everything hallmarked £177 plus postage of choice/risk.
  5. The other moonwatch, precisionist movement is about the most accurate around I believe. £300 plus postage of choice, mint condition, comes in box with the strap changing tool and the velcro space strap. If any interest will get actual photos. shopping.webp
  6. In excellent condition, If any interest I will get proper photos done, comes boxed. £175 posted.
  7. This watch is new, I could not work out how to set time properly and so am selling, I got two mins away lol...I Think i prefer analog display. Nice watch, negative display, bluetooth connectivity..its new so comes with tin ect. £60 plus postage of choice/risk.
  8. Over 10g each, stamped 925. Purchased from a reputable wholesaler some years back. 15 each.
  9. 18 pounds plus postage of choice, odd missing stone ect.
  10. Hmm could this be a skin abscess?? If so thats something you deffo need looking at.
  11. Postage is on top of prices at choice/risk (only SD is covered) (any boxes are for display) Silver lizard ring with Cz stones, Size S - £18 Fire CZ solitaire ring size M1/2 - Hallmarked, missing claw but stone secure - £8 CZ three stone ring, Size M - £10 Natural Citrine earrings - 12 18.5" chain 17 grams, - £20 26 gram figaro chain - £30
  12. Thanks mate, deffo feels like a bit of a milestone week this one! I am determined to be in better shape in my 40s than I was in my 30s - have just over 3 years till im 40 so I think I can make a real good go of it
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