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  1. id be inclined to skip the queens beasts - they have been flavor of the month for well - longer than a month but by then they will probably be long since forgoten about and not particularly desirable. Gold is good. But you mention he has 6k earning very little - gold will earn nothing. I would be vary wary about doing this, he has years and years or compounding interest possibility and anything tied up in gold could hinder that. also lets not forget gold is at historical highs and once corona virus passes who knows...
  2. Weigh in today, week 20 Start weight - 22 stone 1 lb Last week Weigh in - 19 stone 0.5lbs Current weight - 18 stone 12.5lbs Total Loss to date - 44.5 lbs Well today is a milestone or a couple of reasons, its week 20 (weeks are flying past) and i am under 19 stone for the first time in years. 2 lbs weight loss this week - perfect..thats 20 consecutive weeks of weight loss - I know i will plateau at some point and im not particularly looking forward to that but its just another part of the process. In those times I will focus on muscle and strength gains. I will not fail.
  3. I must admit even though im not keen on this becoming a thing I am thinking along the same lines..
  4. its an interesting development for sure! I dont like the fact that buying a non graded coin from them (on issues they are selling graded) will almost certainly mean a pf69 or lower..
  5. I can find them, its just odd they are not on the main page with the others...in the specification it says 24 grams, that would be piedfort..but the pricing suggests otherwise.
  6. i dont see them on that link, i do see the old gold coins, but not the new issues..have to search for them and they are not on their own page it seems..
  7. is this the first coin with the new RM label? cant see it advertised anywhere on the site?
  8. Well this makes the raw coins a whole lot less interesting if the RM are pulling out the decent ones and grading them. Its not as if they are not already expensive enough. I get why they are doing it but for me its a bad thing. not that I buy much there any more.
  9. Yes its normal, if you want perfection "proof" coins is where you want to be looking.
  10. ahh ok its not known yet then, im 99% sure its Bowie:)
  11. Is it known what it is yet? They really seem to be pumping these out fast!
  12. The name of the website sets of alarm bells. Sounds very unprofessional - id wager scam - info harvesting (looking for places to rob.. ect)
  13. A nice vintage sterling silver (92.5%) charm bracelet with 21 charms including dinosaur,lion, spitfire, pixie, groat xxx beer barrel, shilling ect.. Each link of the bracelet is stamped with the lion passant.. I think this has been made with an old albertina chain, but has a clasp and functions as a bracelet. 63.8 grams total weight. I dont have acid to test the charms and would not do so anyway as it would spoil them..they are usually sterling. 50 pounds plus post of choice.
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