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  1. have to agree, i also sometimes drive a 2004 jazz and whilst its only got 40k on the clock its been very reliable all those years:)
  2. Nice! i had a test drive in a 1.5 v-tec jazz "sport" it was only in production for 15 months and clearly did not sell well...It revved very high and sounded not so great at revs - but its 130bhp engine takes it from 0-60 in 8.4 seconds, enough to give people a bit of a surprise and definitely a sleeper car! i was tempted but the low production time and the engine no longer being produced put me off, i felt spares would be hard to get in time and it would devalue pretty damn fast. For a jazz it moved though! topping even the fiesta ST line to 60 mph. The 1.3 i bought is the last of the pet
  3. Seems I am 37 going on 67, just bought a new car today. 69 plate honda jazz 1.3 -vtec S, the most basic spec (though a heck of a lot comes as standard in the s spec), 1300 miles, one owner (honda) ex demo but apparently mainly used by boss going between dealerships..over 2 years manufacturer warranty, full tank of fuel , dash cam factory fitted extra for £200 (they do a very smart job) 12 months tax thrown in, 750 px on my old mondeo (generous) total to pay £11,250 Just hubcabs! but 6 gears so a bit better for motorway cruising than it has been before.. I hope this shoul
  4. I have a seamaster in blue (the best imo) on a bracelet, metas certified this is the new model and is an incredible watch, there is a light mark on the clasp that would easily polish out and apart from that its perfect . comes with box hang tag, cards ect the full set. im also pricing it very competitively £3200 Photos available if serious interest.
  5. all sold:) I have 2 beautiful 5 ounce royal mint medals from a similar era I will be listing too
  6. Pistrucci is sold, other two medals heavily reduced for quick sale £210 each, buy quick before i change my mind! Pending.
  7. I mentioned back in this topic way back (or maybe it was another una topic) that it could well be dealers bidding up coins to influence future sales - that can absolutely happen, But on ebay it can be done with zero expense if you was to pick the right time (or well a pound) - in the auction houses you will have to pay commission. Can happen anywhere but more funny business happens on ebay for sure.
  8. Ebay figures are very easy to fake - plenty of £1 max seller fess promos as well so very easy to fake bid up your own coin....you never have to pay...and next time you sell it "looks" like one sold for that. Im not saying that is what has happened for sure, but its very very easy to do and ebay prices should be taken with a pinch of salt. Real coin auctions are more likely to be accurate.
  9. Madstacks

    withdrawn Withdrawn

  10. Rare as rocking horse poo, included with the sale of a five figure patek anniversary watch back in 89. You just dont see these and when you do - they cost alot more than this £400
  11. For sale i have three medals, each one is 250 grams of .999 pure silver with the royal mint hallmark on the side, there is George and the dragon with a 500 mintage, arthurian legend with 500 mintage, and the Pistrucci waterloo medal with a mintage of 1815. These are a antique matt finish struck to proof standard and rather special. pics will be provided if there is interest £250 each for the G&D and Arthur, Cancel that - £210 each plus postage of £15 each, cannot be combined due to weight! insane value - £275 for the pistrucci. (£495 at chards when in stock..) These are hea
  12. Needs must so im offering this at a massive discount, this is the limited edition certified chronometer with silicon hair spring - some wear to the strap - will sort out pics if anyone interested. RRP - £2250 MY price £750 https://www.hamiltonwatch.com/en-gb/h77796535-khaki-aviation-day-date-auto-chrono.html
  13. Cracking coin, in perfect condition. £210 plus postage of choice.
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