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  1. A Tribute to the World's Greatest Artists by John Pinches Medallic Art in Sterling Silver Starting in 1974 the famous medallists John Pinches created a set of Sterling Silver Medallions, depicting one hundred of the greatest works of art of all time. Each medallion is, in our opinion, a beautifully engraved rendition of the original, with very sensitive cropping to suit the round format of the medallion. These are large medallions, diameter 50mm (over 2"), and containing over 2 ounces of Hallmarked Sterling Silver. The Obverse side of each shows the artwork, and the Reverse side show
  2. here we have my first venture into the world of silver, purchased from a forum member. would be lovely to pass this on to another silver fan looking for a good deal. A set of 35, 2ozt fine weight silver medallions, each depicting a British bird, the reverse with Sir Peter Scott's signature and name of bird depicted on the obverse. With display box (requiring very slight attention) and set of leaflets (part) with further write up of the birds. £1350 OFFERS WELCOME
  3. As the title says. Want to swap? I'm looking to reduce my silver stash, so let me know what you've got. Rich
  4. Don't think I can see your message yet as I'm waiting for membership to update.
  5. What's the crack with this mission, is it going ahead, can I jump on board? The prices seem too be hugely different to when the thread started, I fear the saving from a bulk by may have already passed.
  6. Hi guys and gals, Have been to busy buying for Xmas and now I need to sell some silver. I'm just looking to get back what I paid for these. Which is £59 each, maybe able to offer discount if buying 5+ Thanks for looking Any questions please ask Rich
  7. Great series, a must watch for anyone. I have his gold and silver book for my holiday read, once I've finished triggered 😁
  8. Just curious, what weights of gold/silver would people consider Small, medium or large amounts? Is 1000oz silver a lot or not much at all? And so on
  9. I guess the standard 1oz Brit, Philly, Maple, Lib, ASE, generic 1oz, 10oz 500g 1kg bars
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