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  1. Are Hatton garden metals reliable? Seems a good deal on the eagles?
  2. Hi Thanks to a few lovely Silver Forum members i have been able to from no silver at the beginning of this lock down to beginning of a nice start along a hopefully long road of silver stacking. Now though its time to switch attention to gold. I thought id try a different approach and tell you my budget and ask what you can offer for that amount. i have reached out to a couple of you already but as my budget has changed i felt i would ask everyone. So £2,000 what can you offer??? Preferably 999 fine, i don't mind silver being used as a filler too, but obviously i want gold. Thanks in advance.
  3. burns718

    Pricing help

    I will do, I must say I do like these coins. Do you have a link to your YouTube?
  4. burns718

    Pricing help

    No they were offered to me, I'll pass then
  5. burns718

    Pricing help

    Hi, Looking for some help with how much these would be worth. Full year run of Morgan Dollars. Hope this is the right place. Cheers
  6. burns718

    Which Coins?

    I was looking for some trade dollars actually, something I need to look more in to, I should imagine they're more prevelant to be copied. And the British American Island coins. Nice to have something different to the standard dollars and crowns
  7. burns718

    Which Coins?

    Hi, I have a few silver coins now, mostly dollars, crowns and thalers, which i do find pretty. can anyone suggest other high silver content coins worth looking out for? whilst volume is always nice, so is variety. Cheers
  8. hi i have a silver chain that i no longer use will pm pics, 925 silver, decent thickness without looking silly
  9. Hi, would you consider selling the bars separately?
  10. Hi everyone, Im looking to add to my fresh stack, I have my gold for now, so I need to add some silver bars to the rounds and coins I have. Looking for 500g and 1kg bars, not fussed on brand, I'm all about the weight Hope we can deal
  11. HI guys, another newbie to the gold/silver world, corona has had me locked up assessing options and im looking to build a pension pot for myself in gold and silver. have been enjoying many silver channels on youtube and it seems a very welcoming community. looking for help with knowledge and products Cheers, Rich
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