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  1. Great series, a must watch for anyone. I have his gold and silver book for my holiday read, once I've finished triggered 😁
  2. As the tittle suggests, has anyone got anything close to spot? Not overly fussed on condition, within reason😁
  3. Just curious, what weights of gold/silver would people consider Small, medium or large amounts? Is 1000oz silver a lot or not much at all? And so on
  4. £55 posted and you got a sale
  5. Reduced bump! Added 0 minutes later... That day could be today 😁
  6. Been to busy buying so now I need to sell for sale I have 5 of these beautiful coins Looking for £57 plus post per coin, if you buy all 5 i wll pay the post 😁 2020 ZEUS GODS OF OLYMPUS TUVALU 1 OZ SILVER BULLION COIN 2020 Zeus Gods of Olympus Tuvalu 1 oz Silver Bullion Coin, This limited edition Perth mint silver bullion coin is limited to 13,500 mintage
  7. Hi all Looking to free up some funds for another purchase. For sale Gods Of Olympus 2016 part 1 and part 3. Each coin is 2oz High Relief 16oz total. Zeus, Hera, Poseidon and Demeter. Aphrodiet, hephaestus, Hermes and Hestia. £345 plus post each or £685 posted for the pair. Cheers Rich
  8. I guess the standard 1oz Brit, Philly, Maple, Lib, ASE, generic 1oz, 10oz 500g 1kg bars
  9. Hi, As the tittle suggests, I'm looking for a comparison site for silver prices, some one previously posted this link for gold http://goldprice.eu5.net, is there one for silver? Thanks
  10. How did he make 40m people unemployed? Did he cause corona? Did he lock states down? He's the one trying to get people back to work, not sure how you can blame unemployment as a result of the rona on him. Added 0 minutes later... If the taxes were in constitution in the first place, why not?
  11. The tax's are unconstitutional, no one has the right.
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