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  1. Obviously, nobody knows for sure. But the fundamentals are sound and if you're in for the long term there is significantly more potential for gains than losses. Volatility is something you get used to with Bitcoin and if this current run is a bubble and it pops, history shows the "new low" is always a lot higher than the previous high of the last bubble. Using the current "bubble" as example, if it crashes it is very unlikely to fall below the last ATH of 14k in 2017 I'm a big goldbug, but in my opinion, not having a stake in Bitcoin as part of a balanced portfolio is foo
  2. Comparing "cryptos" to Bitcoin is like comparing pyrite to gold. 99% of them are worthless I believe Bitcoin, however, is the best money ever invented and it's protocol is a technically elegant solution which not only mirrors the physical mining of gold but solves many problems surrounding using gold as money. Bitcoin, like gold, satisfies all requirements of sound money with additional utility and when the reckoning comes and we move further towards a de-dollarised world, I think its value - and hence its price - will increase and I want to be on the right side of the deal. I
  3. My predictions....... Gold £1200 Silver £24 Bitcoin £200,000
  4. Which bit do you think is untrue?
  5. If you're investing in cryptocurrencies, the best thing to do is just buy Bitcoin and ignore the rest. 99% of them provide no additional utility or functionality over Bitcoin and they are either vanity projects or pump and dump schemes designed to fleece amateur traders Comparing them to Bitcoin is like comparing pyrite to gold. As with gold, if you believe in the fundamentals and are in for the long term buying and hodling Bitcoin is the way to go
  6. Is Bitcoin diverting capital from the gold and silver Market?....... https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=lbDtmt2PJlM
  7. Both coins now sold. Congratulations to the buyer on getting hold of the cheapest 1oz gold bullion coins on the market.
  8. Jimmy2trees


    I've bought from them many times and echo what other posters have said. Totally legit and excellent service
  9. Final bump Your last chance to buy the cheapest available 1oz gold bullion coins Current price £1340
  10. Bump Now available at £1347 If you're looking for a 1oz gold coin, you will not find a better price than this. Check other prices here ... http://goldprice.eu5.net/test/
  11. Great stack and a great achievement. Personally though, I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing that it wasn't in my possession.
  12. Still available Still the cheapest available 1oz gold coins
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