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  1. Jimmy2trees


    As some have already said, this is a non-issue and not worth worrying about. If you're still concerned, buy off private sellers on here and all you'll need to provide is a "name" (😉) and delivery address.
  2. That packaging is shockingly bad both aesthetically and security wise. You should name and shame.
  3. Jimmy2trees

    New to Gold

    welcome to the forum From the pictures alone, it's hard to say whether it's fake or not. Is it for sale? If so, where is it listed? How is it described? How much is it for sale for?
  4. Jimmy2trees

    Sold all my Gold

    Bitcoin and other cryptos have also proved useful in Venezuela's hyperinflationary crisis and their usage is soaring. They not only provide a more convenient means of exchange but are also a better store of value than both dollars and local currency.
  5. Jimmy2trees

    Sold all my Gold

    well I'm happy with my decision. I didn't need or want the cash at the time so probably would have wasted a lot of it. I have other investments besides gold but they don't give me the same "vibe" I get from holding physical gold.
  6. Jimmy2trees

    Sold all my Gold

    I held all of my stash throughout the previous high.
  7. Jimmy2trees

    Sold all my Gold

    Yes. And talking of algos, they account for a significant volume of trading in all markets today. And when it comes to manipulation, many of these algorithmic trades are artificial and carried out to give the impression of true price discovery while in reality they are just "trading" towards a predetermined end of day price. Additionally they are carrying out millions of these trades per second. An amateur trader trying to compete hasn't got a chance. The easiest way for an amateur to make a million dollars trading is to start off with two million
  8. Jimmy2trees

    Sold all my Gold

    I'm not a fan of TA and think that unless you're a professional trader, buying in and out is not a good strategy for your average guy looking to invest in PMs If you believe in the fundamentals and are in it for the long term buy and hold is the way to go.
  9. Jimmy2trees

    Sold all my Gold

    Ignoring the obvious trolling of the OP, anyone thinking of doing this at this moment in time would be very foolish in my opinion. " I'm a gold bug and fiat money is a passing fad in the history of money" These are the words of Deutsch Bank's top credit strategist. Max and Stacey explain it better than I can ......
  10. All krugerrands now sold Thanks to all my customers and congratulations to them for buying the cheapest 1oz gold bullion coins on the market
  11. Current spot price is £1406 Sale price £1400 including p&p The cheapest 1oz gold bullion coins on the market just got even cheaper You will not find a better deal than this
  12. I am selling these for spot price Current spot price £1398 The cheapest 1oz gold bullion coins on the market Only 2 left
  13. Yes, 2 krugerrands and the lunar dragon PM me if you're interested in buying
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