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  1. Imagine a world, where the currency you shed blood sweat and tears for becomes nothing more than, a fire. In a time where our world is in its "unprecedented" pandemic. Que the stock market gurus and economists who know how to double the value of currency over night. Tell me how does an unseasoned stacker survives in the shark tank of dealers and fakes. Short and sweet stick to your brand names. Apmex,comex, more than likely your LCS is the greatest place to start. If we like to compare history to present, localities are more trustworthy than that of a large coop. Bartering is the backbone of any transaction. Know your dealer, if they get steady business from you it stimulates their growth as it also benefits you. Further in history we see a substantial destruction from every currency ever printed. Even a common man can see these metals rise in popularity, or is it a sustained rush for something safe? In my eyes I see two things happening. One would say the value in stacking physical metals is inconvenient and risky however we know it's convertible into said currency and if inflation hits over night then you still have your hoard that inflates with it.or if a collapse ensures the currency bankrupts , well the entire world sees the value of metals so in all reality you're your own safe haven, especially holding a universal metal like silver that can and will be used rigorously throughout life. Gold is king till another is crowned. Let your wisdom guide you thru this journey, always keep yourself hedged against the grain, do what everyone else deems old and out dated. Fools will slander what they don't understand, educate yourself to do what's sound and right. Question yourself as to why our founding fathers said gold and silver are legal tender, and that printing money is illegal. See why this was implanted as a death sentence if broken. See how and why fiat will always be manipulated and stolen from the uneducated and see why they will lose faith in that said paper and how it will drive the manipulators mad with greed and how their own system will be their downfall. While those who stack and invest have A much better shot at financial redemption if this wealth transfer ensues. Let go of this fantasy of decimal based bank accounts are similar to physical except that they aren't affected by anything except infaltion, fomo and can't be forged except by it's actual valuable metal. These monetized coins have ruled since the dawn of time. I could ramble on this for the remained of my day but I'll conclude with this. We have been conditioned to love convenience, a light debit card vs cash vs coinage. How many times do you tell a teller" keep the change" because carrying coins is a hassle. Well a wheel barrow full of paper is highly likely IMO. Now it's counter intuitive hoarding metals when they can be converted for this said amount of cash. On the brighter side at least you have created this mass amount of cash out of things air too, seeing you bought these metals in a crisis or before the crisis as a hobby. Either way I see us in the same boat and it's sinking fast. WWg1WGa.
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