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  1. I buy only slabbed. I am 3 shy of a complete CC collection of MS62 and above
  2. Thanks for sharing this. Very interesting. My focus is on the CC series, but the VAM's are intriguing.
  3. Only 3 more Morgans needed to complete my CC set of 14. Of course these are the 1879, 1889, and 1893, the 3 scarcest ones. Two of the 3 I can afford but the 1889 will be tougher. I have none graded less than MS-63 as of now.
  4. I received the 1900 O/CC coin yesterday and it looks great!
  5. I don't collect them specifically but if I run across one, I prefer a Top 100 lest I get caught in minutia like the Rolex fans and their MK1 2 3 dials ad infinitum. I just ordered a 1900 O/CC VAM 8b which IS in the Top 100.
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