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  1. SBrit20

    Best buy silver

    Sales forum on here is good for picking up silver, there's also a thread called UK & Europe Silver Deals (or somehing along those lines) on here which has links to lots of bullion sites that sell at relatively competitive prices. I'd look into buying from European sites as they will offer VAT free stuff which is usually better if your looking to buy something bigger as delivery can be expensive if it's a small lot.
  2. Just curious to what the stocks have been picked up by fellow PM aficionados, and what's your best performing stock you bought during the covid crash? Mine is way more recent than i'd like- being Overstock which i bought at $18 about 1 month ago. Really wish i bought it back in april when it was like $5 or i wish it was my entire portfolio cause my UK stocks are in the bin right now 😂
  3. Today I recieved some lovely old tarnsished kooks and scorch marked panda for my collection. They arrived as: And i managed to use my cleaning method to get them to: Thanks to @DavePanda for the coins!!
  4. Peter Schiff talks like a telemarketer when on Rogan, i always feel like he's going to segue into how you can make millions with one simple trick, and all you need to do is click on the link to find out more. I couldnt make it more than 30 minutes
  5. I assumed some sizes, did the math and got 997. But see someone guessing about 2 before me put 997 so i'll be a bit of a bastard and go for: Answer 1: 996 Answer 2: 998
  6. Sounds more like 3 silver coins and an encyclopedia 😂 Good starting selection though, i started with some Brits and Roos a few months ago and havent looked back!
  7. I actually just found the new one on El Dorado saw it was pre-sale and checked here to see if we had any other Chronos lovers notice they're up. I'll be buying this as well I think, I've got the 2018 & 2019 and they are just amazing coins so i want all of them. Although I thought the series started in 2017, but I saw the series went back to 2015 but some are under a different mint... I'm curious as to why and where i can get my get my sweaty, tarnishing hands on these older coins, any help?
  8. SBrit20

    Silver math

    Take how pure are the coins then multiply the total wieght by the purity. If you have coins with differing purities then you'll need to seperate them into total weight for that purity then multiply by each coins purity, you then sum the weight of silver you have from each purity level (i.e. 195g of coin at 83.5% purity would be 195g x 0.835 = 162.825g of silver).
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