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  1. Yep, until the reason for gold going higher changes, might as well hold onto it.
  2. Farnarcle


    When the time comes,, it will be interesting to see what the last coin minted with Her Majesty's face will be... I'll be buying it (assuming she doesn't outlive me...)
  3. For me personally, when silver bullion starts getting above £25 /oz I'm probably going to stop buying physical. Then it's time to gamble with an ETF.. (and I do mean gamble)..
  4. Farnarcle


    Brits every time.
  5. That must have been about the time Gordon Brown sold 401 'tonnes'..... (average price sold at US$275).. ouch..
  6. Avoid super cheap cotton gloves off ebay. When I first bought a pair, I thought cotton gloves would be cotton gloves, but I ended up receiving a super tiny size that were more of a mesh than the t-shirt type material I was expecting. Nothing like the picture of course. You get what you pay for to some extent.. No idea if cotton is better / worse than latex.
  7. If I was thinking about buying a couple of hundred ounces, but was worried about the current price, I would probably just buy one hundred ounces. If the price goes up, happy days, if it goes down, you can buy another hundred later.
  8. Good article. Someone not getting a bonus this year...
  9. Hi All. Quick introduction. Been stacking / collecting gold and silver for a few years now. The older I get, the less I want the 'reset' / zombie apocalypse to happen. Just happy stashing shiny things instead now. Looking forward to learning lots. Here after watching too many Backyard Bullion videos.
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