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  1. No, additional charges are impossible to implement because people would ignore them and the black market will flourish which they don't want. Most they can do is fear-mongering, make you sell it, confiscation through taxation and VAT from big retailers which still persists today.
  2. The only reason banks are not buying physical silver atm is because they will drive the price exponentially higher and make the gap between spot and premiums even wider. That also makes savers richer which is not good for their one and only agenda. They are REQUIRED to do exactly the opposite or the system will collapse. Suppress this asset until the end of game / Fiat.
  3. The time has come people. The time has come. We are in a war globally. Freedoms Vs. Banks, Governments & the inception of the NWO.
  4. Whoever sells Silver at this environment of massive debt issuance, needs to have their head examined. I am that serious.
  5. Hello everybody. Fellow citizens of the Silver community. To introduce myself first, My name is Joe, I08 years old with Masonic roots. I've been waiting for this event my whole life (right now being unleashed before our very eyes) and remember your ancestors lives too! They would definitely be proud of you all for being on the right side of the trade. The upcoming years are going to be of critical importance and it will all come to survival. They will drive demand for Silver to outrageous new levels, unparalleled and unseen in human history before. If yo
  6. You must remember. Today's world is entirely different monster unseen of it's kind. The government is working against you around the clock and Silver is the only way to freedom yourself again from all the fakery around you. You matter more than you think you do. Take care if yourself and god bless.
  7. You just answered that yourself. The answer to all the questions.
  8. JPM Holdings are paper contracts mostly. Fakery and falsefying at unprecedented scale.
  9. You can't be more wrong about Silver. Since it has become absolute scarce over the years and it's been consumed as a precious metal in electronics and not being used as of it's monetary value which means demanded less, I can absolutely guarantee you that it will outperfom Gold by multiples over the next decade. Mark my words on this and you can also snapshot it for your records. Take care.
  10. Don't be fooled by Gold's performance. This is just temporarily.
  11. If it does reach £21 this year, it's a game over. Expect Silver to Gold ratio to reach 15:1 rather sooner than later. Cheers. All the best!
  12. Hi and welcome from Europe. Added 0 minutes later... Hi and welcome from Europe
  13. You guys are Silver stackers and you don't even know how to stack Silver properly, lmao... However, you create more opportunity for the rest of us or like us (which is a good thing) ☺️
  14. This guy Emanuel asks me on FB to send him money first and then he will post the items straight out to me. How can I trust him? This type of trading is not secure at all...
  15. I will be buying Silver up to the £500 range at the very least.
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