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  1. Thank you morezone. I am currently based in Warrington. Is there anyway to do this by appointment today or tomorrow? Kind regards
  2. Hi guys. Is there anyone of you who has the Sigma PMV? I need it to test the PM content of a slabbed coin (if there is any :D). I will pay £20 for anyone who is willing to help me for the service. Thank you. Regards, Joe
  3. Thank you guys, I'll check them out and update soon. At first, I thought they're shut because of the pandemic. Regards
  4. Hi guys. I am willing to pay a good fee for the service if someone could help me analyze the silver content of three items that I own (2 small silver trays and 1 coin). I live up north (Warrington) but I don't mind traveling as far as 100 miles if necessary. This is very important for me. Thanks. Kind regards, Joe
  5. Ilovesilverireallydo has no time for this. But it surprises me that in a silver forum almost no individual has XRF scanner or maybe people just don't bother. Anyway, there are no hallmarks on the dishes. However I am pretty sure the items are early 20th century and belong to the qing dynasty but I just want to reassure by examining the silver content or particular parts of a dish
  6. Yes that's fine but the thing is I cannot find any local bullion dealer or a private person to be currently open and functioning. Everybody is closed even bolton bullion doesn't allow customers..
  7. Bump. If anyone lives not too far from Liverpool and has this tool, I will gladly pay for the inspection. Thank you
  8. That's great. Thank you! There is no one that I could find in my area to examine my lovelies, unfortunately 😕
  9. Hi guys. Couple of days ago I purchased two tiny chinese silver dish plates for quite a substantial amount of money. Assuming they're silver, I do still have some concerns and doubts in my mind in terms of the silver content these dishes actually have (if any). So I was wondering if anyone of you gents have this XRF analyzer to test the silver content of the dish plates. I am also willing to pay for this service because I don't want to waste any of your precious time. I live up North in Warrington area. I would really appreciate if anyone of you could help me.
  10. No, additional charges are impossible to implement because people would ignore them and the black market will flourish which they don't want. Most they can do is fear-mongering, make you sell it, confiscation through taxation and VAT from big retailers which still persists today.
  11. The only reason banks are not buying physical silver atm is because they will drive the price exponentially higher and make the gap between spot and premiums even wider. That also makes savers richer which is not good for their one and only agenda. They are REQUIRED to do exactly the opposite or the system will collapse. Suppress this asset until the end of game / Fiat.
  12. The time has come people. The time has come. We are in a war globally. Freedoms Vs. Banks, Governments & the inception of the NWO.
  13. Whoever sells Silver at this environment of massive debt issuance, needs to have their head examined. I am that serious.
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