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  1. What will the price of silver eagles be in 2021, if indeed they can actually mint any at all?
  2. If there is a significant dip I’m getting ready for my last ever large purchase but just because the paper price dips doesn’t mean the real silver price will
  3. One word manipulation
  4. No it’s halved. for 4500 years 16:1 now it’s 8 or 9 ounces of silver for every ounce of gold
  5. I don’t follow this at all, can you explain? at the moment silver is worth 1% of gold gram for gram. How can you not agree it is historically massively undervalued?
  6. Bulk for me may be as much as a few thousand ounces, I know that’s not a lot for many but it is for me. once silver is at new all time highs I will slowly stop buying and slowly start selling. but if it does indeed spike up as it did in 1979&2011 then I would consider selling bulk if the option was appealing
  7. Assuming silver has a significant jump up in price sometime in the future and the public start rushing in, then what is everyone’s exit strategy?
  8. Where is the best place to sell in bulk in the UK when silver goes up?
  9. The question is what will happen when we crash out with no deal brexit
  10. Everything is crashing, stocks property everything silver is the last thing still undervalued
  11. Can I pick up physically in London? Or how much for delivery? how do I buy please?
  12. AC Valhalla is going to be amazing on PS5 very inspiring to pick up some Viking silver
  13. Exactly some LLs kept borrowing more and more highly leveraged believing property can only ever go up and rents will never stop coming in
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