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  1. Molon labes big shout but you never know 2oz
  2. hi guys looking for the royal mint Queen band proof 1oz silver version Pamp wise anything really if price is good cheers
  3. Some more 1g pamp platinum for sale in the nice bigger assay cards not the little rubbish assay cards (in my opinion). 5 available £50 plus post and packaging of choice Thanks £3 2nd class recorded £8 special delivery
  4. Anyone have one for a reasonable price The Royal mint band queen that is Thanks
  5. Hi guys wanting some 10g lunars I have a few to collect also some 1oz if there's any going. Also if the price is good always after few extras I'm different sizes. Not 10oz already have them. Thanks guys
  6. 1g pamp platinum bars £50 each plus post Thank you
  7. Their lovely mate, and rare. I'm surprised they havent been snapped up tbh
  8. Bump Got some pamps but could be after more price depending. Ms70 still interested NGC Thanks
  9. St helena guinea sold Chiwoo still available. Great price tbf
  10. Couple of bits to sell. 1/2oz chiwoo x3 set £50 1oz guinea st helena £24 Plus post of choice thank you
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