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  1. Thats awesome I love working on that island all the dear and stuff. They walk right up to you.
  2. Yea Mike malony is awesome I've seen most of his newer videos. I actually bought the paper back version of his book but I'm only 50 pages into it. Its actually a really great book so far, I really like all the history in it. My favorite so far is the tulip scenario. Where the bulb became worth millions.
  3. I really like the sound of that. Thats a really cool idea 💡
  4. So your wanting to sell your some of your silver and jump trains onto gold?
  5. I have no idea I've heard many myths of companys just holding incase it shoots the moon. Who knows though it could just be a lack of supply to.
  6. Yea, that's insane that happened. Anything is possible. Silver is still going up to, I've been watching for a dip. I wish I could buy more and more haha but I need some more cash flow first lol
  7. Ive been saving little by little for a long time hoping that maybe someday I'll have enough for a down payment on a new house. Its going to be very hard to let it all go if there's to good of an offer as well.
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