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  1. Very true.... great reply’s all round. Thanks for all your insights
  2. Hi.... I’m very new to owning precious metals so please go easy on me. I understand precious metals hold wealth as they are a true store of monetary value over time. I also understand precious metals can’t be expanded/printed/digitally made up so therefore can’t be inflated away. The constant question I find myself asking is ‘what is the end game’? Exchanging fiat currency for precious metals stores wealth. But I can only see 3 future outcomes. 1. Keep stacking and pass on to dependants. 2. When fiat collapses use precious metals to purchase goods and services. 3. Exchange precious metals for fiat currency when the price has risen above its original purchase price. I may be able to do a little of number 1. I see digital currency stopping number 2 from happening. So that leaves number 3 which gives me a dilemma. Is going back to fiat after owning precious metal a betrayal of why we are doing this in the first place or is this just part of the cycle of ownership? Sorry for the long post but I would really appreciate some insight from seasoned knowledgeable folk like yourselves on this forum. Thanks Iain
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