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  1. I understand. I have a little trouble seeing so I enlarged the fonts. The style of the original font was to be "individualistic". I'll have to figure out how enlarge the screen. I saw one of your topics about State Taxes and the topic was closed. There was a ruling that made it too burdensome for small sellers to collect another States taxes and be responsible to do bookkeeping and forward the money to a State. They had to be a "seller" that sold something like.....more that $100,000 or more per year to that State. I'm thinking of a small seller now like a Granny that had a website where she hand crocheted decorative items. Things like "table doilies and "window shade pulls" made out of fine cotton yarn. There was no way that Granny could go thru all of red tape of computing taxes for 50 Different States and 7 US Territories tax laws. I believe there are STILL 2 Online Precious Metals dealers that still don't collect a sales tax for my State. I bought some items in March 2020. The last time was March 29, 2020 and I was NOT charged a tax. I don't think they have hit the threshold to be legally required to collect the tax. For example, BOLD Precious Metals (Texas) wasn't charging a State Sales Tax. I have an email dated 6-14-19 that said, "In 2018, the US Supreme Court ruled that all online retailers are required to begin collecting state sales taxes regardless of whether they had physical operations in a particular state or not. This ruling means that even smaller online companies had to begin taking steps to become compliant with the tax laws in all states that have sales tax. As part of the ruling, states were required to set sales thresholds, known as nexus, after which retailers must register with the state taxing authority and begin collecting taxes according to that state's requirements." "However, while that time is coming, as of right now we are NOT charging any sales taxes." Then late in the year (2019), they said they would start charging State Sales Tax in January of 2020. So, I really think that little "person-to-person" sales and trades don't qualify (and is really an attempt in trying to pinch a penny until it squeals). I know I've gone to Coin Shows and nobody charges the State Sales Tax. eBay just laid a blanket down over everyone's sites and is doing the Gov't biding. If I were to buy (2) specialty Phillips Head Screws from an eBay Seller to hang a shelf on my wall and he then charge me shipping and State Sales Tax,......I'm NOT going to buy from him and instead go to my local hardware store and buy the screws. When the Gov't gets involved it creates chaos. If I went to nearby NH to visit my sister and bought all of my vitamins (no taxes up there), the State wanted me to "voluntarily" declare the taxes I owed Taxachusetts on my Annual Tax report. Even my tax preparer said it would cause problems and delay my refund. The SALE took place in NH (not Mass.) Why would I owe a tax to Mass. when I didn't buy the vitamins in Mass. If I had a meal at a restaurant in NH and paid their NH Meals Tax, would Mass. expect me to also pay a Mass. Meals Tax ? Or should I start practicing "bulimia" and throw up all the food I ate before I crossed the border. My State is showing such "stupidity" right now in the name of "WE'RE HEAR TO PROTECT YOU" as they are arbitrarily making small business owners stay closed while they watch their stores that they have built up over decades die a slow death. In the name of PUBLIC SAFETY (instead of putting people infected go into quarantine,....not the WHOLE POPULATION.) I can hear the State come back later to say "Oops, we were too heavy handed in our need to protect you and we should have let you open your store earlier." This would be after the small owner has lost their business and gone bankrupt, lost their homes and don't have an income anymore. Then it will be, "We don't have any programs to help you right now." Sorry for the depressing letter.
  2. Hi, 
 Not sure if you guys "trade", "swap" or actually "sell" silver coins, bars & rounds and vice versa. (I'm assuming gold and platinum too ?) I'm sure I'll find out. It would be nice getting some reasonable deals compared to an online seller like Apmex. I realize they hold a vast inventory and wish to make a healthy profit on their stash. Other online sellers seem to be more reasonable, but you may have to wait for pieces to appear.
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