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  1. 2015 50th Anniversary of the Death of Sir Winston Churchill five-ounce silver proof coin. Coin specifications in the images below. Slight damage on the capsule with associated minor toning on the rim. No marks or other defects on the coin. Display case, CoA and booklet all in good condition. Asking 230€ with shipping from Finland included. Payment with Paypal f&f or bank transfer.
  2. It's actually new to me they offer insured shipping for metals these days. Been a while since I last posted outside Finland and then it was mentioned in their terms, if I remember correctly, that sending metals is not allowed. I just sent registered mail knowing I will take a beating if something goes wrong. Can imagine the 'new' insured service being expensive since these guys take something like 20-25€ for insured delivery within Finland, so perhaps 2-3 times that. I think DHL did not insure metals last time I checked. I will also be interested to hear what the Posti guys say
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