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  1. Emergency issue? Am I missing something? What's the big emergency? Is this another pandemic and nobody told me?
  2. Metalisreal


    Don't mind the Queen on Commonwealth bullion but sometimes I wish she would just retire and let another family member take over as Monarch so I can see someone else for a change.
  3. I could be wrong but I don't know of anybody who has one of these or have seen one elsewhere on the Web (pre-Maple, I guess).
  4. Methinks that the cost of trying to enforce a ban would exceed the worth of the gold itself.
  5. Metalisreal


    Eagles spot plus $10 at my local coin shop today. No can do. Not wanting to waste a trip I did pick up a walking liberty half-dollar PCGS MS64 and a 14k gold ring for Mrs Metalisreal (anniversary gift).
  6. I have a Perth Mint 1 oz bar that toned into a golden color in seemingly no time at all and has never been exposed to direct sunlight. Just a few minutes at a time outside of my safe. Weird.
  7. Five oz Scottsdale Stacker I ordered this morning after getting a 1/10 oz American Gold Eagle at the coin shop last Sat. My wife is a student worker at a community/technical college in a co-op program but the campus has been closed since March. She has been getting free gov't money every week on top of unemployment for sitting at home doing nothing. I'm taking full advantage of that while it lasts. Why not?
  8. I make it a habit never to buy gold/silver from a private seller on eBay. Always from a well-known and trusted coin shop or APMEX, MCM and the like, even if I have to pay a little more. Worth it for peace of mind.
  9. Just never understood the logic of owning these huge bars of silver. Probably ten oz is the highest I wold go. Larger than that I might as well hold gold instead.
  10. So is Hattons authorized by the UK gov't to produce these coins or are they just a private mint that can make anything it wants?
  11. I'm going to see if they have books like this at Half Price Books here in the US before I order something new.
  12. I would definitely get some buffalo rounds at that price point but the eagles would have to wait.
  13. Perhaps a local coin shop who is a PCGS or NGC member can better assist you to see if it's worth grading.
  14. My wife has said that collecting and stacking is a "guy" thing. I don't know but maybe because males are more "visual"?
  15. Metalisreal

    queen's beasts

    I collect the 2 oz silver coins of this series. They are a little more expensive now on Ebay but still seem pretty reasonable.
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