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  1. What I dislike about this message is the feel-good "you have to love everybody no matter what". Bleh. Gag me. Sick of it.
  2. These "music legends" coins should have been left for a private mint to produce. Twenty years from now these popular '70's performers will simply be forgotten about. And you can take that to the bank!
  3. I may have posted about this before but I think privy marks are taking the lazy way out. If the US Mint is going to offer a "V75" (non-numi people don't know what that means) on the obverse they should have a total redesign of the reverse. My suggestion would be to feature an image of the WWII memorial in Washington DC. The privy mark alone is just a gimmick IMHO.
  4. I would buy this at spot price since my coin shop tests all gold regardless of what it is so they would test it, anyway.
  5. Well it looks like we might be getting another round of gov't stimulus checks maybe this month. The last one I received I used half of mine to purchase a 10gm gold bar. How are you going to spend yours?
  6. I think platinum is a good alternative to gold for those who want something more "substantial" than silver. The spot price is also going up, too.
  7. With gold being at an all-time high today, platinum is a good buy right now and that's going up, too. Yes premiums are ridiculous especially from fractionals but it's still cheaper than gold.
  8. You can always start out with a fractional coin instead of a full ounce. That's what I did since I didn't have any platinum. Premiums are high, of course, but one small piece wasn't going to break the bank.
  9. Sounds great but wouldn't the seller be losing money? It's probably $10 just to ship. I would probably spend the pennies before selling them at a loss.
  10. I ordered a 10gm gold bar a couple of months ago and to my surprise it was sent in a very large cardboard envelope (approx 40 x 30cm) with a smaller cardboard one inside of it. Can't lose that one!
  11. This is exactly why I never bid on any precious metals (or buy from a private seller) on Ebay. Some numbskull wants that particular item so bad they will bid it way up to win the bid and end up overpaying for far more than what it's worth. More often than not I can get the same item far cheaper with the "buy it now" option from a reputable source.
  12. Does the Royal Mint do the gilding? That would be be acceptable although I wouldn't pay much more than for a regular Brit. If a third party does the gilding than it's simply an altered coin and takes away from the original value.
  13. I would pay you for the silver content and happily watch it melt and poured into something else. Any I would toss the package into the recycling bin.
  14. Or one of those big cylinders of Foster's Lager (or whatever the Aussies are drinking now).
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