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  1. Absolutely stunning coin highly sought after yours for only £2350 plus post
  2. Hi Frenchie That's very helpful thanks I've bought them right and would like to move them on as a set to a collector so I think I'm gonna list them on here at 1500 and see what happens Thanks everyone
  3. Ah right no I have the lot it all looks mint I have everything box COA even protective internal sheet
  4. Yeah I'd like to keep it together it's stunning I'll find it hard to see the 10oz go though 👍
  5. Hi Motorbikez Thanks very much The 10oz is certainly my favorite, and I had a thought of around 1500 so I think I'm in correct ball park. Do you think it would be better to sell individual then or as a set ?
  6. Thanks for the help with the folks 👍👍😁
  7. That's nice gonna be worth 1700 quid ish that
  8. Just wondering if someone may have an idea the sort of value of this beauty
  9. Sell pamp premium bars people haven't got for 3% over spot, I'll give it a miss here then 😂
  10. Hey I'm just thinking about if I should sell some 2.5 g pamp gold bars not sure what price I can get at minute, a little help would be appreciated
  11. Paulm123456

    Silver Bars

    im looking to purchase some silver bars and would be grateful for a point in the direction of the best priced 1 kilo bars thanks people
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