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  1. @ZigZag that's interesting to know, I didn't even realise that Sarnia Silver existed, albeit their website looks a bit ancient, and frankly it's the most un-imaginitive name for a Guernsey company! ('Sarnia' is the name of the island in our traditional language). To buy locally we shouldn't have any VAT whatsoever, but in terms of exporting the loopholes have tightened, so I'm still working out what an exist plan might look like one day, i.e. if I will need to pay tax on sending second hand silver to the UK. Could it have been Bruce Russel perhaps? The restaurant is still there, and it's alway
  2. Cześć @Zolee! I'm in a very similar boat to you, having joined the forum just a few weeks ago, and with a similar mindset. As an engineer also I completely agree with the inverse relationship on mathematical ability to soul content... however, i'm starting to realise I might have the soul of a dragon, and hoarding precious metals might now be my thing. I spent some time working in Gdańsk a few years ago, and have close ties with a software house there, where abouts in the country are you?
  3. tin

    buying big bars

    If you want a real beast: http://www.bullionrock.com/p/29/30-kilo-metalor-silver-bar
  4. If possible, please add me to the list for 1 bar please, but I appreciate it's getting long! Fantastic work on the bars, I've really enjoyed your videos.
  5. Thanks for the welcoming messages chaps I've made a few purchases of silver now, so have initiated the stacking, now it's time to suck up information from the forum and not go crazy with purchasing out of stack envy! @ChrisSilver have you been to Guernsey?
  6. Welcome Wannapop! I'm also pretty new, so really have no right to give advice, but over the last week I've made my first few purchases and am eagerly waiting the arrival. Without sounding like a salesman, today I decided to buy a "Silver" subscription to the site, and I can say that there have been some good deals posted in the trade section that you will only see as a member. In terms of how much you plan to spend on postage for a few bits, it's nothing, and you can of course not keep it going for the next month (I will continue). I've used goldsilver.be/ and chards.co.uk/ prior to joining as
  7. Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to precious metals, and trying to immerse myself in learning as much as possible! A few weeks ago I started researching and perhaps surcame to a little bit of fear mongering about the economy, or messages that gold/silver are going to rocket, and there is a fear of missing out. I've perhaps sobered a little now with more information, but for sure still wish to invest a little looking more at the long term. I've already purchased a little silver, and am eagerly awaiting the arrival so I can put my coins into a little pile and stare at them like a hoarding drago
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