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  1. Quick flash over with a blowtorch will sort it out easy enough Regards DB
  2. yeah Limit order in place not my first rodeo Regards DB
  3. Well lads and ladies my bank of Scotland online share dealing has stopped me buying into SLV or PSLV as of this afternoon ! saying that they no longer allow trading in them , but they did let me execute a sizable buy order for First majestic silver just now. and most of the dealers in the UK are out of stock or not selling silver right now . me thinks some thing major is afoot hold on tight lads here we go ! regards DB
  4. A pure stab in the dark based on nothing more than gut instinct right now. But I am going to shoot for £1,765.32 on 01/01/2022 after an early Dec 2021 high of a shade over £1,800.00. After all gold historically tends to drops slightly in value in late Dec, in the run up to the new year. The Euro and USD will be dropping fast in value against the pound on 01/01/2022 Strong hands should hold every ounce they have right now and ride the coming year out is my humble opinion. Happy Christmas to all Regards DB
  5. Respect where its due Abyss that's awesome , keep going you can never have to much shiny. regards DB
  6. Lovely coins and I have a few 1/4 ounce ones from various years I pick them up whenever I can at reasonable price. often can find them cheaper than Brits Regards DB
  7. Hi About as far as you can get from Kent on the UK mainland but...... The rivers in the Helmsdale catchment in Inverness -shire Scotland have proven gold in them and are one of the VERY few Places in the UK where gold panning is allowed all be it under permit info on permits and rules here http://www.suisgill.co.uk/things-to-do/gold-panning/permission-and-rules-for-gold-panning-on-the-kildonan-burn/ a quick internet search will throw up other info Regards DB
  8. Might Have taken longer than you thought .🙂 but you knew it was coming. which was all that mattered Glad I didn't let you down my friend
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum I was halfway through typing a reply to your original post when you posted the above which changed my advice , it seems you know what you are doing short answer If you are In the UK buy 199 K of GOLD UK CGT free coins for delivery to yourself. spend the last grand on a tiny bit of silver just in case if you DON'T hold it you Don't own it ! regards
  10. Just my two pennies worth. Im not an expert on nuggets. But I have seen and brought and sold a fair bit of Raw gold in Australia the Philippines and West Africa over the years IMHO firstly the colour looks mighty wrong to me for pure raw Gold, way to light and silvery in colour. Although pictures can be deceptive? and raw gold can be mixed with other materials in deposits. Also gold recovered with the assistance of mercury in illegal artisan mining operations in the third world forms a solid Amalgamate with the mercury that is a similar colour to the material you are being offered.
  11. if you want to buy in the UK rather than Europe ? and don''t mind paying the dreaded VAT ? and want cold hard metal in your hand quickly Martin who runs THE SILVER TRADER is a top fella and a pleasure to deal with and he always delivers overnight/ next day delivery without fail. However I am unsure if he is accepting New customers at present ? ( he was restricting orders to existing Customers only a while back ?) regards DB
  12. respect and Fair play to you Sir you have made some very wise investments over the years. and it looks like the stack has done its job well enjoy the new house . regards DB
  13. I agree with the above .They are super little coins with a great design full 1/4/oz of 24 k Gold and I have a few. However the prices BBP are currently quoting for the previous years are just speculative, and way to high IMO I cant see the previous years holding those premiums going forwards. Just pick up each year as it is released if you want them rather than try and backtrack previous years. They have been sold for great prices each as they were released . Regards DB
  14. I have been buying regularly from them for years. Faultless service IMHO . In fact I brought from them last weekend and the items were dispatched overnight special delivery and arrived Monday morning. Not bad considering today's postal situation. always found them easy to deal with and good Bullion grade coins. Regards DB
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