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  1. I have been buying regularly from them for years. Faultless service IMHO . In fact I brought from them last weekend and the items were dispatched overnight special delivery and arrived Monday morning. Not bad considering today's postal situation. always found them easy to deal with and good Bullion grade coins. Regards DB
  2. DBCooper

    BullionVault down.

    Angola is a risky country I don't have a home here only an office and I rotate in and out for work as need's be I store very little here in west Africa for exactly that reason Regards DB
  3. DBCooper

    BullionVault down.

    No offence taken No said house's are not empty generally ! and I have industrial premises as well as houses. My good lady wife and Kids are currently in one property in the Northern Philippines. My father is in another of my properties today in southern Spain and I am typing this reply to you from my office in Angola in West Africa. Without giving too much away on an open forum the amount of Gold I could lay my hands on any given day if I was at any one of my homes would be in the low Tens of thousands $ and in my brief case right now I can put my hands on two ounces without getting up from my desk. Regards DB
  4. DBCooper

    BullionVault down.

    A rather personal and direct question so A direct answer is probably in order I have enough gold to make me sleep well at night. I have multiple properties in Multiple countries so my situation is not average and therefore my risks are naturally spread around hence I am happy with holding myself As I said every one has a different view and what suits one doesn't suit another Regards DB
  5. DBCooper

    BullionVault down.

    I second the above simple if you don't hold it you don't own it. I can see why people trade paper gold and or use vaulting companies for ease of trading in and out of paper Gold & silver fast. Or storing in a alternate location such as a vault or safety deposit box for security issues. That's what makes the world go round different people with different thoughts and risk strategies However personally keep my metal close at hand at all times and only I know where it is at any given time There is of course a risk in storing physical Gold where ever that may be. But ill take the risk of it being found and nicked over not being able to sell paper gold due some technical hitch on a trading platform's server all day long. safety deposit boxes also have their place but again there are risks with not being able to access at times. Regards DB
  6. Not very likely at all IMHO. But Before any Government can take any gold you may or may not ? first they are going to have to. 1 know you have it . 2 find it . Buying gold does leave an audit-able trail these day if you don't pay for your shiny stuff with cold hard cash in the first place and purchase online. But finding any Gold you have purchased and might still have ? after its in your grubby hands is quite another thing to achieve ! A wise purchaser that might have left a trail purchasing said shiny stuff. Will most probably be able to answer any questions put to them by a Government official asking where their gold went. That unfortunately they have rather expensive hobby's often including high stakes gambling, a heavy duty coke habit, or a liking for fine young ladies that work at night. and unfortunately they have spent any gold that they had in the past on said hobby's. Unfortunate boating accidents also tend to occur with frightening regularity in conversations about any Gold someone might have purchased in the past. Gold has got to be the most hard to trace highly portable asset know to man. That's the whole point of buying it in the first place IMHO If your Government ever does make it illegal to own and you are unable to sell it in your location. Break out the gas torch melt it down, shove it in your pockets or anywhere else suitable. Up sticks and move it to somewhere else and sell it if you need to ! Oh and one more thing I personally have no knowledge of ever buying anything gold or silver ! Regards DB
  7. DBCooper


    I find Eagles tarnish real easy. IMHO they are one of the worse coins for it. personally not an issue for me. as they are just bullion to me. however if you want them as corporate Gifts. then put them in air tites for sure Regards DB.
  8. Re Sovereigns and Liquidity I work internationally usually Africa , Asia and the Middle East, I have homes in both Europe and South East Asia. So I travel extensively. I have yet to find a place where Sov's are not sort after, and or cannot be brought and sold easily. Alongside Krug's they are recognised almost everywhere on the planet Sov's because of their size, price point and affordability compared to 1 oz coins are very easy to sell anywhere. IMHO they have to be the most liquid coins in the world Barr None. Personally they are not my favourite coin but if you want liquidity Sov's all day long. regards DB
  9. DBCooper

    Red spots on coin

    Red spot is perfectly normal but very annoying to some ! . personally it wouldn't bother me but each to their own. red spots are more likely on a less pure coin than a buffalo. A dip in Baking soda or a quick flash over with a blowtorch as others have said would get rid if it is really bothering you ? As to weights the Buffalo is pure 24.00 ct gold so it should weigh 31.10 g with a fine content of 31.10 g The eagle is 22.00 ct gold and should weigh 33.93 g with a fine content of 31.10 g I would say that from the weights you have quoted above your "cheap " scales are pretty accurate. just reading VERY slightly high on both coins and the buffalo is bang on the correct weight so if the other dims are good ? is more than likely to be genuine. Regards DB
  10. Simple beautiful women Libertads and St gaudens Double Eagle design. regards DB
  11. Normal sliver tarnish , rather than milk spotting and it is a normal Bullion Brit not a proof. As Bimetallic says drop it in some Bicarb if your not worried about cleaning it and you want it nice and bright again. Most folk advise NEVER to clean a coin and I generally agree with that. But It is your coin and if you want it shiny again. No harm in cracking it out of the slab and having a go at cleaning it, seeing as it is bog standard bullion. On a side note I have a lot of 2016 Brits, in capsules from new and few of them have tarnished in the same way. whilst earlier and later years are still perfect even though all stored in the same way in the same place ? But I wouldn't stress too much over it. if it was your first coin enjoy it for what it is, a lovely ounce of shiny with some personal history Regards DB
  12. For me it was about saving outside the banking system and having access to liquid highly portable assets at short notice. Life is full of ups and downs. When you are down financially. Having access to some metal, Gold or Silver quickly and with out anyone knowing can often save the day. Once the stack started growing and life turned around for the better over the years it just became a habit to keep buying the shiny stuff when ever I could afford it. I have always worked on the principle that if you don't hold it you don't own it, and what they don't know you have they can't take away from you. Gold fits that need perfectly. regards DB
  13. Hi new member Here but a long term lurker. been following TSF for multiple years on a daily basis thought I would finally register hardcore Stacker of all things shiny looking forwards to some interesting chats thanks and all the best DB
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