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  1. Please add me to the waiting list too.....fingers crossed
  2. Hi All I'm looking for some Queens Beasts silver 10 oz Black Bull 2 oz silver Griffin please PM if you're looking to sell, thanks
  3. I have a spare available for swapping, if you're still looking? UK based
  4. Thanks Dan package arrived already
  5. its always harder to deal with, when you've got a big number order, but hang in there:- it took me a month to get some coins out of Royalmint vault, between them changing their website, locking me out of my account, then ignoring three call off attempts it took 3 calls to customer services, each one telling me they would expedite the order, third one actually did - stress i didn't need - from a UK based company too hope you get yours resolved soon
  6. Just for balance, i called off 2 vault orders with my latest order, all came in 4 days with UPS
  7. Hi, I'll take the 2015, please ill PM you
  8. https://goldsilver.be/en/10-oz/2896-uk-10-oz-silver-queen-s-beast-2020-falcon-of-plantagenets-10-.html they are also selling new coins cheaper than some being sold on here, but at 200 i'll buy here
  9. Don't kid yourself Robjw, at 200 my skin will be in - and now i get notified of any message updates
  10. Worth following, .....in case these 10 oz beasts are being sold for 200
  11. Thanks Guys, limitations wont allow a like for your posts yet so one big LIKE cheers
  12. Hi new to the forum and hoping to absorb all the great wisdom many thanks
  13. Hi, i am interested in 10 Yale and 10 Bull 2oz coins please let me know when you'd like to sell many thanks
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