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  1. Gaming on Linux is possible but it's absolutely the polar opposite of "I just want an OS to work without fiddling with it too much." I'm a lifelong gamer and have to accept that if I want to play games and retain my sanity, then Windows is essential. Could you dual-boot so that Windows is there just for your gaming? That said - Windows 7 went end-of-life in January. That means no patching of vulnerabilities. In other words - stop using it as soon as you possibly can. (Like, today!) Linux - I'm no expert because I lazily use Windows on my gaming rig and I use a Mac for work, but in my experience Mint offered the 'nicest' interface. Ubuntu most widely distributed I think, meaning you'll have an easier time finding support articles, videos, and products that are Ubuntu-based than you will for any other.
  2. In a similar vein, the bars that are stamped as '10 ounces .999 fine gold' with the Credit Suisse pattern, but are described by the seller as 'gold-plated' and priced low. I always report these on the sites as counterfeit, because regardless of the seller's description if the damn thing has '10 ounces .999 fine gold' stamped on it and it isn't then it's a forgery/fake/fraud/counterfeit and designed to rip people off.
  3. Ignoring any value that might come from the actual desirability of the bars (eg. if they are rare, old, very cool designs, or from a mint that doesn't exist anymore etc.) it seems that currently silver is selling from £20 to £22 per ounce, with few pieces below that and most with a premium related to the above desirability factors. On that basis you could say that on purely metal value, decent silver is going for a ~50% premium over spot. This is for bars from 1-10oz - above that I've paid less attention. As others have said, put one or two up for auction here and see what you get. It's a very active market right now, and an auction will pretty much guarantee you get the 'correct' rate for what you have.
  4. I’m buying for the long term, either retirement, paying for kid’s university or maybe deposit on a first home, or inheritance. I won’t be selling regardless. Leaves me with mixed feelings about the price in the short term - I’m new to this and seeing it rise is exciting, and feels like a vindication of my choice to start stacking... but also of course it means I can acquire less ounces per pay check!
  5. Oh gosh, honestly I don't know - could have been literally anywhere, I've had a great many sleeps since then! I just wasn't sure if all imports get put in some sort of queue to see if there is tax due or something! Also thanks @DrSkilts that's reassuring to know.
  6. Apologies if this is discussed elsewhere, I haven't been able to find anything. I understand that some European online dealers sell silver (Maples, ASEs, bars, rounds, etc etc) without VAT, and will ship to the UK for reasonable shipping price. What are peoples' experiences of doing this? Last time I bought something and had it shipped from abroad because it was cheaper, I got a letter off the courier (DHL I think) telling me they had my parcel and all I had to do to get it was log onto some portal and pay import tax, VAT, or similar. (It was years ago, I can't recall details). Specifically - if I order a tube of coins from somewhere like silver-to-go and have it shipped to the UK, and I likely to get a tax bill of some sort or will it just be delivered no issues?
  7. As someone who stumbled across to PMs from cryptocurrency a couple of weeks ago (and have fast become addicted to learning about this world) I am no stranger to the eternal question of whether to buy, sell, or wait. I don't know anywhere near as much about PMs as I do about crypto, but there are some common themes... 1) Some extremely knowledgeable experts will tell you exactly why the price is going to rise; 2) Some equally knowledgeable experts will tell you exactly why it is going to fall; 3) The only ones you should believe are the ones who tell you that it could go either way and there's no way to be sure. As for me - I only just got started on this and so of course I'm buying because I want some PMs to look at, but going forward I'll be dollar-cost averaging, as is the best way to invest in crypto.
  8. Hello all, found my way here from one of the precious metals sub-reddits. Recently started looking into gold and silver, partly as an alternative store of value and partly from a collecting-beautiful-things point of view. Have some plans to pick up some small gold from commercial online dealers, but silver is difficult as it's out of stock everywhere! Love some of the 10oz bars that are around, but all of the sellers listing them online are in the US and so shipping and import costs make them crazy expensive. Anyway... I'll lurk and read here for a while!
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