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  1. Okay, this might be a werird listing... apologies for not being able to put more detail in the title. I'm on the lookout for any 'cute' silver rounds or bars (1oz up to 100g) that have any of the themes listed below. I don't even know if many of these actually exist, I'm trying to find a gift for someone based on their personal interests... no laughing! Not looking for minted currency, more novelty rounds really. -Malaysia -Poker -Motherhood -Cockapoo dog (it gets worse yet) -Animal Crossing (I know, I know...) -Boyzone (No comment) -Freddie Mercury (Red
  2. Did a bit of poking around, found this thread on another forum where it is suggested that the 'i' is a date reference, and the 'acorn' refers to "Augsberg in Germany, pre 1886" - a bit of Google image searching indicates this might be right, but ran out of time. https://www.925-1000.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5678
  3. This is a really lovely set - apologies if it's me working out wrong, but wouldn't 1.5 x 12 x .925 = 16.65oz of fine silver? Not trying to be contrarian about the listing by the way - I'm fairly new to silver and now wondering if I'm working it out incorrectly? Poh
  4. Costco Chadderton no longer on display. Assume a stock issue, if other stores have them.
  5. Couple of areas for discussion. First off, I'd say that despite the small print you'd be entitled to a refund on eBay for 'Item not as described' on the basis that the item title is not commensurate with what is on the small print. (Effectively, title says it is one thing, description says it is another.). If you advertise '2002 Vauxhall Corsa, red' and then advertise it at what would be a reasonable price for such a car, you won't get away with a line in the small print explaining that what you're selling is actually an Airfix model of a Vauxhall Corsa. Definitely one to raise with eBay, I'd
  6. They changed that when the apocalypse started, as their way of helping people get enough bog roll etc.
  7. Pohaku

    The hype is real

    "They know NOTHING, this is purely speculation! I actually think $50 this year, $200-$300 next year." Good to see the comments calling out pure speculation and setting us right with.... pure speculation.
  8. I priced these up in Costco Chadderton a couple of months ago and dismissed them as they were well over market price for the same products at online dealers. However, I returned maybe two weeks ago and noted that the 20g at least (the only one I could actually even consider buying, lol) was in fact pretty close to spot. I hadn't recorded the prices originally, but I suspect that they update maybe only periodically and so as a result there will be times when the store price is well over what it should be, and also sometimes a little below. I seem to think it was £1011 for a 20g bar when s
  9. Waiting list for me please, one bar. If number 11 is (or becomes) available I’d be double happy! Poh.
  10. NOW SOLD pending payment. will mark as completed when done. Chunky curb chain silver bracelet, stamped 'Italy' and '925'. Condition as per pics, not a glamorous piece but it's Ag nonetheless. 46g * .925 = 42.55g of silver. Selling for below spot at £27 + postage. May not be online much of today, if there are multiple replies (or DMs) I'll go on first come first served. Cheers.
  11. Some items bought through CoinInvest are sourced from STG. A while back I bought a combo of fractional gold and some silver Maples, got two invoices - one branded CoinInvest for the gold, one branded Silver-to-Go for the Maples. Never had any problems, made multiple purchases. Recommend paying by bank transfer for free over paying 2% to use a debit/credit card, as there's never been much delay.
  12. Update: CPM just called me from a withheld number (lucky to get me to pick TBH) to try and upsell from these 1oz ingots to the 50g proof at 5x the price. The guy was polite and not at all pushy, and confirmed my ingots will despatched in the next couple of days. Let's see. They'll be under spot by the time I receive them at this rate 😆
  13. I'm no economist, but suspect that many are only just starting to accept the actual impact Covid is going to have. Until now, while it has devastated many, the various measures like furlough support, debt holidays, and business grants have mitigated things and most people haven't felt actual hardship as a result. As much as it's been insane by any measure, the majority still don't see the chasm that lies ahead. I mean, people are still pretending that all kids are going back to school full time in September because a politician once said so, despite the plainly obvious signs that this is not g
  14. The not being able to find the product using the site search doesn't seem to be unusual - the Royal Mint site has a bunch of products that I've found my way to by following links, but they are not among the search results when you actually go to the site to look at listings. Could be due to poor site architecture or simply the fact that they are trying to manage their markets - if it's only findable via a FB link, then their sales figures will tell a story about the effectiveness of the link. That's not to say I am vouching for CPMCoins, however I have placed an order for three of these
  15. Don't know if these are of interest - at £25 per ozt they are well over spot (although no more than generics are at the moment) but I think they look very cool and the limited run might add to the desirability. https://www.cpmcoins.com/landing-pages/battle-of-britain-1oz-silver-ingot.aspx I couldn't actually find these by navigating the site (only found the 50g proof at £125) and it was an Instagram promo post that linked through to the page I have listed here.
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