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  1. Trust me, I know. I bought a single 1oz Britannia for way too much so I could have something in my hands, otherwise would've bought tubes of coins at high premium.
  2. Depends why you bought them. If you like the look, then the investment side isn't that big of a deal especially if you're keeping for a long time. But if it's for investment purposes, silver premiums are stupid high right now that it doesn't make sense to buy.
  3. The price of silver seems to be going up week after week. Might be worth keeping hold of them for a little while longer. Also, silver has a high premium at the moment. You might be selling and paying over the odds to buy.
  4. https://youtu.be/YegtWw4WRLY
  5. 28% Premium (price over silver spot price) seems way too high for a 5kg bar of silver. I'm pretty new at this but this doesn't look like a good deal. Hopefully others with my experience will reply too.
  6. https://goldsilver.be/en/platinum-pd-rhodium/2329-1-oz-platinum-kangaroo-2020-5.html £755 or €852 Is this a good deal?
  7. I think I'm gonna save up for one big order when this opens up. The itch to buy is intense! 😜
  8. Thanks for sharing. It's outside of EU so wouldn't buy even if it wasn't sold out. I need to compile a list of websites to keep an eye on. I'm very new at this.
  9. Where did you buy this from? I want one!
  10. Of course it had to be gold plated! 😁👍
  11. Nice work! Hope the hard work pays off (pun intended)
  12. Thanks for sharing. You've given me some ideas. Added 0 minutes later... How do you feel about it now?
  13. Nice way of putting it. 😅👍 Appreciate your full response. I'm pretty new so this is worth knowing about.
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